How to install Chrome browser on Kali Linux

Kali Linux install Chrome

Chrome Browser is a proprietary version of Google’s open-source Chromium. However, on one hand, Chromium is available to install on Kali Linux via its official repository, the Chrome is not. Yes, for this Google browser, we have to either add its repository to Kali manually …

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How to install Chrome browser on Elementary OS

chrome elementary os install

Elementary OS Linux by default comes with its own developed Epiphany browser, therefore, if a user wants Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, s/he has to install it manually. Although if your purpose is just browsing then no doubt, Epiphany is good to go because of …

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How to install Microsoft Edge browser on Linux

Install Microsoft Edge browser on Linux Redhat ubuntu or Debian

Microsoft Edge based on Chromium and out-of-the-box browser for Windows 10 latest versions is also available for Linux users as well. Therefore, it is a cross-platform browser application that is not available for desktop users but also for smartphones. Here we let you know how …

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How to install Chromium Browser on Tine Core Linux

Tiny Core Linux browser Apps installation min

Tiny Core is one of the smallest Linux distro available to use. It can be run Live directly using a CD or USB drive without any sort of installation. It has a minimal GUI interface also offers an inbuilt repository to download and install various …

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