3 Ways to install NeoVim on Ubuntu 22.04 or 20.04

Run Neovim Text editor Ubuntu 20.04

Let’s try an advanced VIM-based Text editor on Ubuntu 20.04 or 22.04 Linux by installing NeoVIM with the help of the command terminal.  Neovim text editor was created in 2014 and is a fork of the popular VIM editor that comes with modern features. The …

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How to install WordPress on Xampp (Ubuntu)?

WordPress installation on XAMPP in Ubuntu

If you are running XAMPP on Ubuntu Linux and want to install WordPress on it, then here are the steps to follow, given in this guide.  XAMPP is not a new software that needs a detailed introduction. It has been around for quite some time, …

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Adduser Command usage in Linux with Examples

Adduser command Linux example

Adding users in Linux using the graphical interface is an easy task. But what about the command line? There are many users who either have only CLI or prefer to use commands for adding a new user.  We can use the adduser command to create …

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How to Install Adminer on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

setup Adminer on Ubuntu 20.04

Written in PHP, Adminer is one of the best alternatives to the popular database management tool phpMyAdmin. It is also distributed under a GPL license with public source code on GitHub. While many hosting services offer phpMyAdmin for managing only MySQL/MariaDB databases, Adminer allows users …

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