How to install boto3 on Amazon Linux 2 – AWS EC2?

Install boto3 on Amazon Linux 2

Boto3 is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) provided Python software development kit (SDK) for building applications and making them communicate with various AWS services such as Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, Amazon DynamoDB, and more. It helps developers easily create, configure, and manage AWS services for …

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How to Install FreeIPA on AlmaLinux or Rocky 8

A tutorial to learn the steps and commands to install FreeIPA on CentOS 8, AlmaLinux, or Rocky Linux 8  Server distros to get a centralized authentication, authorization, and account information system. FreeIPA stands for Free Identity, Policy, Audit and it is an open-source identity management …

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How to install htop on Almalinux or Rocky 8

using htp on RPM AlmaLinux rocky or centos 8

htop is a lightweight to available for Linux systems to show a dynamic overview of the running processes and the system resources used. Compared to the classic top this process manager offers some convenient functions. Here we see the steps to install it on AlmaLinux, …

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How To Install Grafana on Almalinux or Rocky Linux 8

Grafana Dashboard installed on AlmaLinux or Rocky Linux 8

Learn the commands to install open source Grafana on AlmaLinux or Rocky Linux to visualize data in dynamic and interactive dashboards.  What is Grafana? In simple words, Grafana is a free and open-source software used by developers and administrators to visualize data generated by different …

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How to Install Jenkins on AlmaLinux 8 or Rocky Linux

Jenkins installed Dashboard on Almalinux or Rocky

Here we’ll see the commands to install Jenkins on RPM-based AlmaLinux and Rocky Linux for building and testing of applications. What is Jenkins?  Jenkins ( fork of the Hudson) is a web-based open source continuous integration server system. It is written in Java and is …

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Install Dig on AlmaLinux 8 / Rocky Linux

Install and use DIG DNS look up on AlmaLinux or Rocky Server

a dig is a simple tool used by network administrators for looking up Domain Name System (DNS).  It is a command-line tool and here we learn how to install dig on AlmaLinux 8 or Rocky Linux. What is dig (domain information groper)? dig (domain information …

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How to install Gnome GUI on Almalinux 8.4

install Gnome GUI on AlmaLinux 8

Those who have just installed the AlmaLinux Minimal ISO version without GUI Desktop, have to use the command-line interface. And if you are not comfortable with it anymore, then it is possible to install Graphical Linux Desktop using such as Gnome using just a few …

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