How to open Vimtutor in Neovim and Vim commands?

Open Vimtutor in NeoiVIM text editor

Learn the command to open Vimtutor on your existing NeoVim installed in Ubuntu, Windows, Linux Mint, MacOS, RHEL, and others. What is Vimtutor? Vimtutor is a vim-based tutorial program to teach users how to use a powerful VIM text editor on Linux and other platforms. …

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Know about Neovim and Visual Studio Code (VSCode)

Neovim and Visual Studio Code VSCode min

Developers and Programmers write their precious code using an essential tool called a text editor. Well, there are dozens of options one can use- from a basic notepad app to the highly featured IDE, as per the requirement. However, choosing the right one is always …

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5 Best free to use Linux Server distributions for 2023

Best free to use Linux Server distributions for 2021

Linux is an open-source software platform developed initially for home computers but later become a dominant Server operating system. Linux Server OS are popular because of their small size and ability to quickly convert to perform some specific operations such as Web server, File server, …

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3 Ways open and view .Heic image files on Linux mint

Use GIMP to open HEIC in Linux Mint

There are several ways to open Apple’s Heic image file on Linux Mint, either by installing the additional packages or converting them to JPG. Here we discuss both of them. Apple devices store images in HEIF (HEIC), a file format for High-Efficiency Image Format. Such …

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Download and install Opera Browser on Linux mint 21

Opera browser installation on Linux Mint

Follow the steps to install Opera Browser on Linux Mint 21 using the command terminal and APT repository to have regular updates easily. Opera is a popular browser known for its speed and security features. It was first released in 1996 by Opera Software. We …

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How to Install Stress or Stress-ng on AWS Amazon linux 2

Install Sterss on Amazon Linux

Analyze your server’s performance by installing the Stress workload generator tool on Amazon Linux to test the system’s stability and ability to handle the workload. To measure the ability of the systems, testers generally use stress tools, and in Linux, we have that free of …

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How to Enable EPEL Repo on Amazon Linux 2

Enable EPEL on Amazon Linuzx 2

Enable EPEL (Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux) in Amazon Linux 2 for installing various additional software packages that run on RPM-based Linux. Apart from the official repository of Amazon Linux 2, we can add a popular one known as EPEL. That stands for Extra Packages …

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