Adobe Fresco- A new Drawing and Painting App for iPad users

The gist of doing painting and drawing on canvas although couldn’t replicate, however, the accuracy and style can. Recently, on the blog, Adobe has given a glimpse of its upcoming Adobe Fresco, an app for iPad to express imagination anywhere at any time on a digital screen. Fresco means ‘Fresh‘ in the Italian language.

As per Adobe, artificial intelligence will take over all the redo and monotonous work of a human being in future which ultimately offers us enough time to think and show our creativity to this world.

Adobe has been working on this new app since last year to give artists a new way to be creative. And now the company eventually announces, the Adobe Fresco app will be released later this year for the iPad and later on for other devices with stylus support.

Before finalizing Adobe Fresco name, the company was working on this application under the codename- Project Gemini.

To get pre-release of Adobe Fresco, the user can register at the official product page of Adobe’s website to try it before the final launch.

Adobe Fresco offers the possibility to work with so-called live brushes. Even colours overflow and mix, just like oil paintings and watercolours possible, thanks to the artificial intelligence of Adobe Sensei. Thus, colours should also be deliberately diluted to produce other shades.

Adobe Fresco Painting App for iPad users

Of course, along with new tools, users can also use tools like the layers, masks and a selection tool, thus, Fresco is designed to work seamlessly with Photoshop, so you one could move his works back and forth between apps. Likewise, the drawings should be converted into PDF format so that you can edit them in Adobe Illustrator and more…