Android P new shortcut controls and notification bar are really cool!

Next Tuesday (May 8th), the Google will host 2018 I/O Conference in Mountain View. One of the highlights of this event is that Google will formally preview the Android P system and announce the codename (Peppermint mint is the most popular). And launch the second developer preview version.

According to 9to5google mining, Android P will add new reminder function shortcuts to the notification bar message, including “silent 1 hour”, “working time reminds me”, “reminds me at home”, “add notes”, “send…” and so on.

Android P Notifcation bar and shortcut controls

Previously, Android P had already supported the notification bar to quickly respond to certain social interaction messages. The addition of new features means that those using native systems and Google Mobile Services (GMS) services will be further improved in efficiency.

In addition, XDA also broke the news that Pixel 2/2 XL upgraded Android P and added Bluetooth hearing aids.

Bluetooth hearing aids feature in Pixel 2/2xl


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