ASUSTOR, NAS OS latest edition “ADM 3.3 Beta” Available

Snapshots arrive on ASUSTOR NAS with the introduction of Snapshot Center which also adds support for Btrfs. Easily restore and take snapshots of Btrfs volumes as well as with iSCSI LUNs to more effectively protect your data.

Taiwan ASUSTOR began offering the latest version of OS for NAS “ADM 3.3 Beta“. In addition to supporting the file system “Btrfs” that supports the function of the snapshot, snapshot with iSCSI LUN is now available.

If you are on ADM version then after upgrading to ADM 3.3 Beta, the Snapshot function will appear with Btrfs supports up to 256 snapshots. You can manage snapshots, their schedule settings, restore, etc. at the “snapshot centre”.

In the snapshot centre, snapshot tasks by iSCSI LUN can also be integrated and managed. About the iSCSI LUN snapshot, ASUSTOR says “It can create snapshots almost instantly, saving considerable work time and storage space.

ADM 3.3 Beta

Snapshot Center in ADM 3.3 Beta (Btrfs Snapshots) features:

  • Quickly create storage snapshots without affecting performance.
  • Snapshot tasks can be either manually created or scheduled to happen in specific intervals.
  • Files inside snapshots can be locked to prevent deletion
  • Supports up to 256 snapshots.
  • Supports mounting previous snapshots in File Explorer to view older versions and improve user flexibility
  • Snapshot with Btrfs can be used in AS 31/32/40/50/51/61/62/63/64/70 series.