AVerMedia Starter Pack now in India for YouTubers

AVerMedia recently launched YouTuber starter pack in India, a combo (Live Gamer MINI, AM310 USB-Mic and Webcam) Live Streamer 311(BO311).

Live Streamer Cam313 (PW313)

The Live Streamer Cam 313 offers the ability to record in 1080p, which is considered the baseline for web videos. The Live streamer Cam 313 comes with two built-in microphones (mono) and flexible, 360-degree swivel design. A well-thought privacy shutter provides users with a peace of mind against potential prying eyes of hackers; the flexible mounting clip with rubber pads enables the camera to be mounted firmly either on top of the monitor or on a tripod.

Live Streamer Cam313 (PW313

Live Streamer MINI (GC311)

The Live Gamer MINI is a pocket-friendly capture card delivers 100% zero-latency Full HD pass-through. It comes with UVC technology (USB Video Class) which standardizes video drivers across Windows PC. A feature like STREAM ENGINE lets users record the gameplay backups using the 3rd party software directly to storage without putting any load on the CPU.

Live Streamer MINI (GC311

AM310 USB Microphone

AM310 comes with 3.5mm headphone jack and toggle switch upraises/uplifts the ease of control of either listening to what is being recorded or what’s playing on your computer/device. With driver-free design suitable for PCs and MACs, setting-up/installing AM310 is hassle-free.

Am310 microphone

Price, Availability, and Warranty

Live Streamer 311 comes with official MRP of Rs25, 000 .,