Best Power Equipment (India) Private Limited (BPE) Expands to the Philippines

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Best Power Equipment (India) Private Limited (BPE), an end-to-end strategic power solutions company has entered the Philippines market and launched its range of UPS. The range of UPS includes LI series BPI Series 650VA-2200VA, Online UPS 1 Ph Output, MSI Series 1-10KVA, Online UPS 3 Ph Output & GTMI Series 60-120KVA, and entire Modular range 6K to 1000KVA, and Smart rack, Modularised Data centres. In the Philippines market, BPE has tied up with Machine Mart, a Young Technology Distributor Company handling the distribution of UPS in the market. Using cutting edge technology, the UPS product range launched in the Philippines is targeted at SOHO as well as industries such as pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, Banking and other Data centres. The Philippines has a lot of call centres, and BPE Indian approval e.g., TCS, Mc Donalds, KFC, Dominos will help Machine Mart, to expand the local business.

Best Power Equipment (India) Private Limited (BPE)

Speaking at the launch, Mr Amitansu Satpathy, Managing Director, BPE said, “The Philippines has great potential due to the technological development of the country. We have constantly directed our efforts towards providing technologically superior international quality products for our consumers. “He further added that “We would like to invite partners, retailers to work and grow together with BPE thus making each of our association profitable.” , He announced the launch date, 29th October will be marked as BPE UPS Power day, at the Philippines each year, where we will facilitate all performers, for contributing BPE growth,

BPE is well-known for its innovation, R&D and manufacturing capabilities, which has now strategically expanded to the International market.

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