Juniper Networks Announced Enhancements To Contrail Cloud

To solve the challenges in building, operating distributed and scalable clouds, the Juniper Networks announced some enhancements to Contrail Cloud. The updates to Contrail cloud also includes the integration of Ceph storage and OpenStack Platform provided by RedHat, virtual network functions, automation and visibility of AppFormix, updated end-to-end support services, IoT, and mobile services in the cloud.

The deployment of Telco cloud become easy and simple by these Contrail cloud updates. IT Managers now obtain the network insights smoothly and continuously with AppFormix,  clearing the traditionally difficult task of validating VNFs by pre-qualifying and adding end-to-end support services to smooth implementation.

 AppFormix Integration: 

The Contrail Cloud new feature AppFormix is a fully integrated service to ensure the seamlessly gleaning of network functions virtualization (NFV) workloads. It helps to simplify the different cloud operations such as monitoring, visibility, diagnostics, and troubleshooting.

OpenStack and Ceph of  Red Hat:

Juniper and Red Hat collaboration now provides scalable cloud industrial deployments, including NFV. Juniper has migrated Contrail Cloud to Red Hat OpenStack Platform which is highly reliable, scalable and production-ready Infrastructure-as-a-Service solution. Juniper also included the Red Hat Ceph Storage, an open, massively scalable, software-defined storage solution.

Pre-validated Virtual Network Functions. Contrail Cloud now comes as a pre-validated solution with a pre-vetted hardware and software compatibility list that ensures a smooth and rapid cloud deployment from the beginning.

The solution includes support for

  • Juniper’s vSRX Virtual Firewall
  • Mobile Content Cloud virtual Evolved Packet Core (vEPC) solution
  • Future third-party virtual network functions


Contrail Cloud managed solution offering:

Juniper has introduced end-to-end services offering to build and operate the cloud infrastructure for customers, including 24/7 solution support, and high-touch services to ensure expert application and adoption of Contrail Cloud.

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