Microsoft Cortana & Amazon Alexa officially integrated and can awaken each other

At the Microsoft Build 2018 Developers Conference, Microsoft announced that the major audio assistants, Cortana and Amazon Alexa, have now officially been integrated and can awaken each other.

In fact, in August last year, Microsoft announced plans for the integration of Cortana and Alexa that shocked many people, but the project that was originally planned to be completed by the end of 2017 has been delayed for a long time, Now.

Microsoft Cortana & Amazon Alexa

This time, Microsoft demonstrated the integration of the two on the ground. The first was to call Cortana on the Amazon Echo smart speaker. After that, Alexa called out on a Windows 10 PC.

However, it is not clear why Microsoft used the Windows 10 PC demo instead of the Harman Cortana Invoke speakers. It may be that Microsoft wants to display the longevity of the two voice assistants rather than compete with each other.

Amazon Alexa on Windows

After all, both fields have their own areas of expertise and can form a good complement. I believe this is also the original intention of the cooperation between the two sides.

After watching all this may be the Apple Siri or Google Assistant can be added in the future?