What to expect from Valorant? All up to date details about it.

Though there is pandemic going around the world due to COVID-19, Valorant shattered the door of all Multiplayer FPS lovers mind with the launch of closed beta. Within the first week, the popularity of Valorant is touching the sky. As now Valorant has a huge viewership in Twitch.tv and also the gameplay videos are getting views in second. Many people are saying, that Valorant can become a CS Go killer, and many players are saying it ain’t gonna happen, and it is getting hits just by fluke. But the experts are believing the Riot Game’s Valorant is going to earn its market by winning millions of players hearts but their fun but blood rushing gameplay.

What is Valorant?

As we know Valorant is a 5v5 tactical FPS fighting game, very much like Counter-Strike. The gameplay world is set in a near-future version of Earth, hence quite fictional. The fights will occur over a small map between two teams, one will be having the target to destroy a site, while the other team will be tasked to stop them. The game is also character-based, and all the characters possess some special abilities or power, also a couple of Pros and Cons, quite like overwatch or Apex Legends. According to confirm the news, at the launch of the full version of the game there will be around 10 unique characters. Two of the special abilities would also be going to be unlockable within the game, within every match, by earning money. Each character would have two unlockable abilities like these with one available ability from the start. Also, weapons and armours can be bought with the earned money at each match, between the rounds, just like Counter-Strike.

What is Valorant
Valorant screenshot

When Valorant is going to release?

  • Valorant’s closed Beta has already been released in the regions of Europe, USA, Canada, Turkey, Russia etc. on the 7th April 2020. If you reside from any of these regions you can simply go and check the official site of riot games, for the instruction on how to download the game. If you are outside of these above-mentioned regions, then sorry to say but you would not be able to access the game now.

  • Also, Valorant is still in it’s Closed Beta phase, so access to the main game works on an invitational basis, so even if you are from one of those above-mentioned regions, you would not be able to play the game, if you do not have any invitation key. Now, read our other article on How to access the Valorant Closed Beta, to learn how you can obtain an invitation code. Else you can download the client app, and create the account, and just wait for the game to launch Open Beta access for all.

  • Valorant is a free to play the game, enabled with in-game microtransaction for cosmetic upgrades and Valorant is going to be a PC game, so sorry about the console players. There are speculations that within coming two-months Riot Games may launch the Open Beta version of Valorant across all the regions. As Riot Games already indicated before that the full version of the Valorant would be available from Q4, 2020.

What more this game has to offer?

As Valorant is still under development and the game is its closed Beta phase, so there are a lot of things going on with in the game. The Riot Games is working hard on developing the game as a complete masterpiece.

  • As of now, there is only one main mode: Bomb defusal like Counter-Strike. But with the final launch of the game, we may see some other modes as well. Though everyone is continuously comparing Valorant with Counter-Strike, Valorant is quite different from the Counter-Strike itself. The special abilities of the characters, their pros and cons and the ultimate abilities, the cooldown time etc. are featuring a completely dynamic and different type of gameplay mechanics than the Counter-Strike itself. So, even Pro Counter-Strike payers may find it a little more time taking to master the gunplay in Valorant.

  • For every match, which consists up to 24 rounds, the players would be bound with a single character of choice, but the weapon choices are not bound, so you can change the weapon at the buying time within the two rounds.

  • Though there are many characters and many abilities, at the Valorant is an FPS game, so skilled gunplay is the most important aspect of the game. The guns are going to be as deadly as Counter-Strike (unlike PUBG), so any headshot will be a one-hit-kill, and most of the rifles can kill a player with just three body shots. The movement and fights are going to be extremely fast, so players with better reflex would have the edge.

Details about the Characters in Valorant

This has been the most asked question since the drop of the Valorant closed beta, among all gaming communities. Here are all the confirmed details on the Valorant characters based on what I have noticed from several live streams and gameplay videos on Twitch.tv and YouTube.


  • This Character fires magic arrows, which can penetrate the walls and can travel across one point of the map to another and those arrows deal big damages.

  • Sova is very good at recon. Sova possesses the ability to use the Recon Dart, which is a kind of arrow that can spot enemies within its line-of-sight. This arrow can be controlled via remote-piloted owl drone, and this ability is very good for info gathering at the early stages of the match.


  • Phoenix possesses the ability to curve flashbangs around corners.

  • Phoenix is very well equipped for aggressive pushing gameplay. Apart from using flash grenades, Phoenix can deny any area by throwing firebombs, and also can cut off the line of sight by launching a tall wall of fire.


  • Cypher is a defensive character by trait. Cypher can use trip mines and also can stick cameras to the wall to watch the corners and for launching flanking attacks.


  • Jett can leap into the air while fighting and also can throw knives for silent, quick & surprise kills.

  • Jett has a good mobility speed. By using her wind-powered movement abilities she can boost up to high ground positions quickly and also can dash laterally to make a swift dive into a cover.

  • Jett can also throw three smoke grenades at once even when she is in the mid-air.


  • Viper especial ability is using poison clouds. Which also can blind the enemies, Viper is very good for surprise ambushes.

  • Viper also carries smoke and wall capabilities like other characters but the decay effect of Viper’s smoke and wall damages those players who are walking through her area of denial.


  • This guy is the bomber as he can call in orbital bombardments as support for teammates or as a devastating attack on enemies.


  • Of course, there is a medic and the name is Sage. Sage can heal or revive teammates.

  • Sage is a support guy mainly. Sage can also heal herself or a teammate up to 100% health.

  • Sage also has the ability to erupt an ice wall which can block both the line-of-sight and movement across. She also can create a slowing ice field to disrupt the enemy’s flanking routes.


  • Omen uses the darkness to teleport and can go behind the enemy line to flank them and also can temporarily blind them.


  • The breach is an aggressive fight initiator with the abilities of seismic attack which can go through the terrain to deal damage enemies.
  • The breach is very good at enemy crowd control along with the abilities of blinding enemies, knocking up enemies, and disorient enemies.

All confirmed details about the Valorant Weapons

All the weapons have a peculiar name in Valorant, so I have bracketed the name of the type of weapon in real life so that you can understand easily.

  1. Sidearms – Classic (basic pistol), Shorty (sawed-off shotgun), Frenzy (auto pistol), Ghost (silenced pistol), Sheriff (revolver)

  2. SMGs – Stinger (high fire-rate), MP4 (silenced SMG)

  3. Shotguns – Bucky (pump action), Judge (automatic)

  4. Rifles – Bulldog (burst), Guardian (DMR), Phantom (silenced carbine), Vandal (AK-47)

  5. Sniper Rifles – Marshal (Scout), Operator (AWP)

  6. Heavies – Ares (LMG), Odin (HMG)

  7. Melee – Tactical knife

Valorant system requirements

As Valorant is targeting all the types of PC gamers, and also aiming for long time esports, so they optimized the game so well that it can run on very basic and very old computers. Even if you have a computer which is 10-15 years old, even that one may be able to run the Valorant with decent FPS.

Minimum Requirements (For 30 FPS performance)

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
CPU: Intel Pentium Dual-Core / Pentium Quad Core / i3-370M /AMD Athlon / AMD Sempron
GPU: Intel HD 3000 (1GB VRAM)

Recommended (For 60 FPS Performance with moderate graphics settings)

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
CPU: Pentium Quad Core / i3 3rd Gen /AMD Athlon / AMD Phenom II
GPU: Intel HD 3000 (1GB VRAM)

High-end (For 120+ FPS Performance with Ultra Graphics Settings)

OS: Windows 10 (64-bit)
CPU: Intel Core i5 5th Gen / AMD FX 4300
GPU: Nvidia GTX 1050

Wrapping Up

The configuration needed is pretty low for most of the pc gamers out there, but the players with very low-end pc or old pc also can play this game with decent FPS. But, remember Valorant is a high-paced FPS game, so playing the game with below 60 FPS can affect your gaming performance very much even if you have skills.