Windows defender extension is now available for Google Chrome Browser

Microsoft’s Window Defender now protects the Google Chrome browser with help of an extension. Google’s Chrome browser already provides an efficient protection from the malware and other vulnerable activities. But according to the Microsoft, despite the Chrome doing a good job in terms of security but still the Windows Defender extension for Chrome can protect the user data in a much better way.

Microsoft also said, the Window Defender gives 99 percent effective protection against phishing attacks and other malware programs in Google Chrome browser. They claimed, according to NSSlabs report, the Windows defender provides 99 percent effective protection, while the Chrome inbuilt protection for phishing attacks is 87 percent and 70 percent for Mozilla Firefox.

Windows defender provides 99 percent effective Protection against phishing attacks

The Chrome browser gives you the threat warning when you visit any malicious website. You might have seen sometimes few websites those are infected or have some kind malicious script will show in red color warning screen with a message that Visiting this website might be harmful, this is how the Chrome protects you. Although,  Google Chrome Chrome security is pretty well, trying the Windows defender extension is not going harm you.

The Windows Defender on Windows PC has been protecting from very long time from Virus and other infection and you can trust it for Chrome browser too.  It blocks the malicious link in an email designed to grab the financial, personal or other sensitive information. Mircosoft also going to update the malicious URL list constantly, mentioned in the Windows Defender Browser Protection extension page.

Microsft Windows Defender Extension for Google Chrome

Download the Windows extension.