How to Install Ubuntu Minimal Server 18.04 “Bionic Beaver”: Just 64 MB

Ubuntu installer minimal server

Installing Ubuntu operating system is not a big deal but sometimes you don’t need a pre-installed Graphical user interface or software; just a minimal base OS is required, especially in case of servers. Because the administrators or users those using Linux on servers for some specific task don’t require extra stuff; those not only waste the … Read more

10 Best Free file manager & File explorer apps for Android

File Browser by Astro no ads (File Manager)

When smartphones are getting smarter day by day, most people might forget about having a decent file manager, which can be useful for carrying out a handful of basic as well as professional tasks. Most smartphones come with a decent file manager, while there are even some manufacturers, which just dispose of their responsibility and … Read more

Boult Audio introduces Space in ear wireless Bluetooth 4.2 magnetic earphones

Boult Audio introduces Space in ear wireless Bluetooth 4.2 magnetic earphones

Boult Audio has introduced their new and improved offering ‘Space’ in the wireless in-ear category, priced at Rs.1375 including taxes.  According to the Boult, The drivers equipped with CSR8635 chipset and neodymium technology give connectivity for a range of 8 metres and crystal clear audio. The built-in micro woofer creates a high punchy bass for … Read more

How to fix no Internet Access Error in Windows 10/7

Internet Access Error

We use the internet in all of our Laptops, Desktop, and mobile devices. In most of the cases, we do use a single broadband connection in the home and all the devices of the same house connected to the same router or modem for the internet access. So, on a busy day or even on … Read more

Mivi Thunder Beats earphones review. Best in class and budget? Let’s find out

Mini Thunder bluetooth headphone review

To make my life a little more free from wires, I prefer using Bluetooth earphones instead of the conventional wireless ones that come with a handful of smartphones or are sold separately. Using wireless or Bluetooth earphones make it easier for me to use the handset more conventionally. Yes, things are easier when there are … Read more

How to edit, save, exit Vi (VIM): A Complete Vi Cheat Sheet for Linux users

VIM VI commands

(VIM) Vi text editor is meant for the Unix operating system, originally. Most of the Linux system uses the Vi text editor along with embedded systems. It is similar to Windows NotePad but without a user-friendly interface. It is just like Nano text editor, however, the Nano is a bit interactive & easy to operate … Read more

10 Top Technology trends of 2018, every small step will change the future

Top Technology trends of 2018

Around 3 months are left to say Adieu to 2018 which was a year of full new technology developments that push us to embrace the future tech. However, many technologies those carry forward from 2017 are maturing this year. They are now more stable in 2018. What are the 2018 technology trends worth noting? And … Read more

How to install Android emulator Anbox on Ubuntu Linux

Anbox application on Ubuntu

Android on Linux, yes, you heard absolute right. The Android is the open source operating system that also based on customized Linux kernel. Albeit it based on Linux but somewhere, the Linux users those are not technically sound may face problems to install android on Linux for running some particular app. If you are a developer then … Read more

Top 5 Best Music identifier apps for Android, iPhone(iOS) and Windows

MusicID music detector

If you are looking for some music-recognition app online that can find out the song you are listening then the song detector apps or I should say music-identification apps given here can help you. And definitely solve your common question:What song am I listening to?  Listening to the favorite playlist on a long drive is … Read more

How to choose a solid-state hard disk: SSD buying guide

SATA3.0 SSD interface

SSDs are now more common and search more and more by computer users due to their small size and fast speed. Many users said that after replacing the mechanical hard disk with a solid-state hard disk (SSD), the computer performance has increased, whether it is the starting speed or Software loading speed has improved significantly. In … Read more

How to clear search history in Mozilla Firefox

firexol history delete windows 7 and windows 10

Don’t you want to show what you have searched earlier on Firefox browser to the other users of your computer?  Are you looking for a guide to delete a search in Firefox? Then here is the amazing information that helps you to erase previous search data from Firefox. Once you implement the below-given instructions carefully … Read more

How to change Google Assistant language on Android and iPhone

Change Google Assitant language in Android and iPhone

We already did an article in which had explained that what is Google Assistant and how to activate on Android and iPhone. However, those don’t know about the Google Assistant, it is Articifical intelligence enable Virtual Assistant developed by the Google that can respond to the commands given by us in the natural language; that means … Read more