boAt Rockerz 255 Bluetooth earphones review

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If you are a casual music listener, the boAt Rockerz 255 Bluetooth earphones will not disappoint you in any way. Unless you are looking for some specific features.

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After testing for one month thoroughly, here is our review on boAt Rockerz 255 Bluetooth earphones…

With 3.5 mm jacks gradually phasing out of flagships, wireless Bluetooth headsets and earphones are gradually gaining popularity. With newer and better standards coming for wireless headsets, you no longer need to spend thousands for getting a wireless earphone with decent sound quality. Just spend Rs. 2,000 or so, and you will get a pair of great earphones with a decent sound audio experience. But from the perspective of a casual music listener, a decent pair of wireless earphones were not available at prices below Rs. 3,000 or 3,500, a couple of years ago. But the scenario has changed a lot now.

As I keep trying out new sets of wireless or Bluetooth earphones, I recently got my hands laid on the boAt Rockerz 255 Bluetooth earphones, which is available at around Rs. 1,500 on Flipkart and other online shopping portals. It is almost a month now that I am using the boAt Rockerz 255 Bluetooth earphones, and I am kind of satisfied with its performance, considering the price. You can find a bunch of earphones within the competitive price bracket of Rs. 1,000 and Rs. 2,000, and thus the manufacturers strive to put most into the bag to stand out among the rest.

So let’s get started with the review of the boAt Rockerz 255 Bluetooth earphones.

boAt Rockerz 255 review

boAt Rockerz 255 review

Box Contents:

Let’s have a look at the box contents of the Boat Rocker 255 Bluetooth earphones.

  • 1 boAt Rockerz 255 Bluetooth earphones
  • 1 USB to the Micro-USB charging cable
  • 3 pairs of ear cushions (1 pair of a small, medium, and big, including the one already attached)
  • Boat Product catalogue, user manual, and warranty card.

boAt Rockerz 255 Features:

Let’s have a look at the features of the boAt Rockerz 255 Bluetooth earphones.

  • The boAt Rockerz 255 is a sports Bluetooth earphones that comes with a plastic body and a stylish collar design with the wires coming out of the front part. The cables are flat making them stronger and robust, and the ear tips have magnets to keep them in place, when not in use.
  • Talking about the technical specifications, it comes with Bluetooth 4.1 and CSR8635 chipset with 10 mm drivers. The device has support for A2DP protocol for connectivity.
  • The boAt Rockerz 255 comes with a 110 mAh battery that promises 6 hours of battery life and can be fully charged within 2 hours. It also has CVC noise cancellation for clear audio quality during calls.
  • With dual connectivity, two devices can be connected at the same time. But only one device can be used at a time, just like other Bluetooth earphones available today.
  • It has an inline remote with 3 buttons, which can be used to turn the device on or off, play or pause music, receive calls, call the voice assistant, adjust volume, change the music track, and do many more. I will come to this later on.
  • The boAt Rockerz 255 is sweat-proof and is water-resistant at the same time. It has an IPX5 Certification.
  • Voice prompts and beeps can inform the user about low-battery, switch on or off, incoming call, etc. The multi-coloured LED indicator can notify the user about battery level, incoming call, etc.

The features of boAt Rockerz 255 Bluetooth earphones sound interesting.

boAt Rockerz 255 bluwtooth headphone review

How to use it?

Turn on the device by long pressing the middle multi-functional button. Once it is turned on, connect to ‘boAt Rockerz’ that appear in the list of pairable devices.

To connect a second device, disconnect the first device, and connect the second device.

Once the second device is connected, reconnect the first device again.

Button functions:

Central multi-functional button(o): 

Long press to turn on or off, or reject an incoming call, single press to play or pause music, accept any incoming call, double press to redial the last number.

Volume up button(+):

Single press to increase volume, and long press to switch to next track in the playlist.

Volume down button(-):

Single press to decrease volume, and long press to switch to previous track in the playlist.

*Pressing the central multi-functional button for 1 second till the beep will call the voice assistant.


Let’s dive into the pros of the boAt Rockerz 255 to find out exactly how exactly it performs in real-life usage.

  • I already discussed the design in the features section. Well, the design is great and is quite suitable for everyday usage. The collar part can be hidden under the shirt or T-shirt collar, just in case you want to hide it from your colleagues. The great ergonomic design neither feels heavy for the ears nor it falls off the ears, even at the time of running or during heavy workout sessions. That makes the boAt Rockerz 255 Bluetooth earphones kind of perfect sports earphones.
  • Volume management is excellent on the boAt Rockerz 255 Bluetooth earphones. It is quite loud, which can be very useful if you are in a very noisy environment. The minimum loudness is also very soothing to the users. Keeping the audio volume at 70-80% will be good enough in moderately loud environments to keep away the ambient sounds.
  • The boAt Rockerz 255 is popular for its bass. That’s basically the USP of the product. As per the promises, it is best for bass lovers, and the promises are kept. You can enjoy good bass, even without changing the equalizer settings in the music or video player. Thus, good loudness and bass define the audio quality of the boAt Rockerz 255 Bluetooth earphones.
  • Talking about the battery life, the boAt Rockerz 255 Bluetooth earphones offers a battery life of more than 6 hours, if the volume isn’t set to maximum. However, I kept the volume at 90%, and it gave me a battery backup of almost 6 hours. The charging time is around 2 hours, and as per the promises, a 10-15 minute charge can easily make the device last almost an hour.
  • The range of the boAt Rockerz 255 Bluetooth earphones is around 10 meter, as promised. I don’t have any complaints against connectivity. But I experienced problems with connectivity in densely crowded areas, which seem to be quite natural.
  • It is quite flexible and very easy to carry. You can easily fold it, and keep it in the bag without wasting a lot of space, just in case, you don’t want to wear it, at some point in time.
  • The cVc noise cancellation on the boAt Rockerz 255 Bluetooth earphones performs great. It really becomes handy to make high-quality VoIP calls with the cVc noise cancellation. The other party didn’t complain about any unnecessary noises, while I was making a call with the earphones.
  • Connecting to the boAt Rockerz 255 Bluetooth earphones is really easy and fast. If the earphones are already paired with a smartphone or any other device, the connection will be established at the instant of turning on the earphones. You can’t expect more convenience at this price.
  • Just like other Bluetooth earphones, the boAt Rockerz 255 also show battery percentage on the connected devices. But, unlike most other Bluetooth earphones available at different budgets, the boAt Rockerz 255 Bluetooth earphones show quite accurate battery percentage if compared to other Bluetooth devices. The battery percentages displayed, are multiples of 20, and you should try finding out a power source once the battery percentage is around 40% or so.

So those were the pros. You can hardly expect anything else within a pair Bluetooth earphones priced at around Rs. 1,500.


Let’s have a look at the cons of the boAt Rockerz 255 Bluetooth earphones.

  • I already gave a thumbs up to the audio quality of the boAt Rockerz 255. But, the highs were sometimes overshadowed and were inaudible due to the bass. But, that shouldn’t make much of a difference if you are a bass lover.
  • Unlike most other Bluetooth earphones at this price point, each of them turns off automatically to save battery life when no devices are connected to it for 5, or rather 10 minutes. But I didn’t find any such functionality in it. That is a very basic feature, which is missing in this product.
  • While two devices can be connected to it simultaneously, only one device, more specifically the first device is automatically connected with turning on the headset. The other device needs to be connected manually. I wish both the devices were automatically connected.
  • When there is an incoming call, it only says ‘Incoming call’. But I have seen a number of Bluetooth headsets which read the number out to help the user make out, who is calling. Thus, if there is a call, you will need to take the phone out of your pocket to see who’s calling. I wish, the number was read out by the earphones, when there’s an incoming call.
  • The size of the cables coming out of the boAt Rockerz 255 isn’t adjustable. Well, most Bluetooth earphones with this form factor do not have adjustable cables, but I wish this particular product was different. The fixed size of the cables isn’t a deal-breaker in any way though.
  • The last con isn’t a complaint, but a small wish. Most Bluetooth earphones today come with a carry case or a small pouch to keep the earphones safe. But it doesn’t come with such a thing. I wish a small carry case was there.

So that are the cons of this Bluetooth earphones. If you look at the price of these earphones, none of them is deal-breaker. The boAt Rockerz 255 Bluetooth earphones are perfect with its imperfections at its budget. I am not talking about Qualcomm AptX HD, or a vibration motor in these pair of earphones, as you can’t expect everything at a pair of Bluetooth earphones priced at around Rs. 1,500.

Bottom line:

Let’s now come to the final part of the review. The boAt Rockerz 255 Bluetooth earphones isn’t the best one available at this price, but I will definitely recommend this product. If you are a casual music listener, it will not disappoint you in any way. Unless you are looking for some specific features, the boAt Rockerz 255 with its robust design is the best pair of Bluetooth earphones that can fulfil your everyday use requirements.

So that is all about the review of the boAt Rockerz 255 Bluetooth earphones. What do you think about this product? Feel free to comment the same down below.

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