Flyperlink Android Browser: Surf to Increase your Productivity

Smartphones had made our life easier, by providing a handful of options, to work, while on the go. Keeping that in mind, the most popular browsers are nowadays available for Android and other popular platforms. But frustration strikes, when a user tries to open a link from an app, and a pop-up appears to choose the most appropriate browser to open the link, with the conjecture that the app, which you are working with, will move to the background. Though with the help of Android WebView, problems are pretty resolved, but it still requires improvements. In such a scenario, Flyperlink floating browser can come with the most relevant solution. With the help of the app, you can open a link, and see the contents of that link later on, without the need of sending the current app to the background.

Flyperlink Android browser


Flyperlink, a new way to browse on Android

Flyperlink is a small piece of the browser, which is available for Android, and it can send any kind of links, to a small bubble, from where it can be accessed anytime. If you have used Facebook messenger, you can relate the same with the following app. You can tap on the bubble to see the contents and tap on the same once again to hide the content, without the need of switching to a different browser from your current app. Yes, everything is just a tap.

Flyperlink bubble browser


Some necessary details

Flyperlink is completely free to use, and it comes with ads, but they do not pop-up abruptly, which can affect your mood of surfing. Ads only appear below the screen, when you open the app. If you want a completely seamless interface, without any ads, you can upgrade to the full version, with just 100 rupees or 1.5 US dollars. I am using the app for quite some time and is really satisfied with it. It is also worth supporting the developers with the price of a coffee, for such an amazing app.

How to use Flyperlink Android browser to increase he productivity


Great for multitaskers to boost productivity

If you do a lot of multitasking or is involved in doing a number of tasks at the same time on your Android device, the lightweight Flyperlink can be the best mate for you, as it will reduce the load of opening the high-end browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, which consumes a lot of memory.

With the paid version, you can manipulate the size of the bubble, and get some extra functionalities. The simple app also comes with adblockers to surf the internet in your own way. The app is also very easy to use, and you can easily get hands on the app by just using it for a few minutes. Furthermore, it supports for domain and app redirect, and text selection too.

How to use adblocker in Android browser

Flyperlink Extra options

The app also comes with the option to open a link with a separate browser in case you need to save the pages or do some other activities with it. You can open a link externally with all the available browsers, which is present on your Android device or set a particular browser as default.

Similar to other browsers, you can also get the generic features like bookmarking a website, and you can also view the browsing history with the help of the app. The concept of the app is really cool and is great for Android enthusiasts when the devices are getting more powerful, and the developers are working a lot to rejuvenate the experience of using an Android device.


Download link: Right now it is only available for Android

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