Icecream PDF Editor review: The free and full-fledged PDF editor

So I am here with a brief review of Icecream PDF Editor and how you can use this free Windows PDF editor for editing and annotating PDF files.

We all come across PDF files almost every day through email, WhatsApp, etc., where a few are important for our work, and sometimes some books are also available in electronic format through PDF files. But we often need to modify PDF files before forwarding them to some other person, and sometimes for simply printing them out by making some necessary modifications to save ink or paper or both. While most PDF editors available, comes with a price tag, there are even some free PDF editors, which are not that good. Most people just rely on online PDF editors, which are pretty good and they can get their job done for free.

I have recently talked about the Xodo PDF editor, which is available only for Windows 10 devices from the Microsoft Store, but trust me that isn’t the best solution to edit PDF files offline. After going to the internet for finding the best PDF editor, I came across free to download Icecream PDF Editor which is a completely free pdf editor that you can download on your Windows computer and get started. Unless you’re looking for a PDF editor for some commercial requirements, the Icecream PDF Editor can easily help you with everyday PDF editing activities. 

So without any further delay, let’s get started with the review and how you can use Icecream PDF Editor.


Let’s have a look at the features of Icecream PDF Editor first.

  • It comes with all the necessary options for editing and annotating PDF files, and it also doubles up as a PDF reader.
  • It comes with smart text-editing functions to help you edit text and other elements within a document very easily.
  • By creating new PDF files on this PDF Editor, you can add images, text, shapes and a lot of other elements almost the same way you do on Microsoft Word or any other word processing programs.
  • To view and read PDF files on it, the document can be zoomed to the desired level, so that you do not create any kind of stress on the eyes while reading.

So basically those are the features of this free Windows PDF Editor.


How to Download and use free Icecream PDF Editor?

Step 1: Download free Icecream PDF Editor on your Windows 10/8/7 computer. The installer is free from any kind of malware, so you can proceed with the installation without facing any troubles.

Step 2: Just open Icecream PDF Editor on your Windows computer, and click on ‘Open…‘, to open a local PDF file on your computer.



Step 3: Now click on ‘Edit’ or ‘Annotate’ depending upon your requirements associated with the PDF file opened by you.

Icrcream PDF editor 2

Step 4: Under the ‘Edit’ tab, you can edit any existing text within the PDF document, add images, shapes straight lines or arrows, depending upon what you need.

Icrcream PDF editor 3

Step 5: Under the ‘Annotate‘ tab, there is the option to add new sample texts, add stamps, sticky notes or comments, highlight any existing part of the document, underline, strikethrough or italicize any existing or new text, and do a lot more.

add new sample texts, add stamps, sticky notes editor

Step 6: To add your own handwritten notes or drawing to an existing PDF document or to a new PDF document, just click on the ‘Pencil’ button under the ‘Annotate’ tab to draw or add anything on the document.

Annotate Icrcream PDF editor

Icecream PDF Editor Pros:

Let’s have a look at the pros of Icecream PDF Editor which can help you make a decision.

  • It is very easy to use and you don’t need to be a pro user to get your job done with the help of Icecream PDF Editor. Just choose the appropriate tool to edit or annotate the PDF files and you are almost ready to go.
  • The options for editing and annotating PDF files are available in two different tabs so that you don’t mess things up when you are on the launchpad.
  • You can even add a new page to your existing PDF file if you want to add your own content in the form of text, photo, or any other kind of drawing with your own hands using the pencil available within this free PDF Editor.
  • All the tools available in Icecream PDF Editor is neatly crafted to make it a full-fledged one. You can easily change the width and colour of the pencil, font style, colour and size of the new and existing texts, and there are many other options, as well.
  • Unlike most other premium PDF editing applications, it is very lightweight. It takes around 75 MB of space on your hard drive, and most computers with a decent configuration can handle it at ease.
  • Talking about the editing and annotating options available on this free PDF Editor, you can get almost all the necessary tools that will be useful for a personal user to edit and annotate PDF files.

So those are the pros of using this free PDF Editor.

Icecream PDF Editor Cons:

Let’s have a look at the cons of Icecream PDF Editor.

  • Icecream PDF Editor does not have the option to import multiple PDF files and merge them into a single PDF file, nor there is an option to extract some pages from a PDF document.
  • I didn’t find any option to add watermark to a PDF file using Icecream PDF Editor. Not having the option to add a watermark isn’t a deal-breaker, however, it is a useful functionality most other PDF editors come with.
  • This isn’t a complaint or a con, but I wish there was an option to extract text from a PDF document or, there was an OCR functionality. I wish that functionality is added in the upcoming updates to the software.

Well, Icecream PDF Editor is a free pdf editor, and you can’t expect everything from it. I am sure the developers of it will definitely enhance the functionalities and features of the software in the coming updates.

Bottom line:

Well, if you’re looking for a free pdf editor for your personal requirements, I will definitely recommend the Icecream PDF Editor, as it is one of the best offline PDF editors available for free on Windows. Yes, there are some problems, but none of them is a deal-breaker. If you are not looking for any specific functionalities on your PDF editor, you can count on it without thinking twice.

So that is all about the Icecream PDF Editor review you and all about how you can use it for everyday PDF editing requirements. Do you have any questions in mind or have anything to say? Feel free to comment the same below.