InUni local news app review. The features, pros and cons

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There isn’t any doubt InUni is not a full-featured news app. But, if you are that guy, who is fond of having a grip on all the local news in the area, you can always go for InUni. InUni gets its news from more than 4000 verified new sources on the Internet.

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If you’re looking for an app which can give you some quality local news in India, InUni by Novasys Labs can is something, which you should try out. This is a new variety of news app, which offers crafted news for your own area or locality, and that too within a very small package of a few megabytes. Presently InUni offers local news for 46 cities in India, and you can download the most appropriate app depending upon where you live in. For example, if you are from Kolkata, you can download the InUni app, which is meant for Kolkata or can download the InUni for Meerut, if you are from Meerut.

Thus, you should download the most appropriate app depending upon the place you are living in, and all your city news will be available just a tap away, through the app. InUni even present news and contents posted by local users, which can also be a great way of finding that news, which can hardly be covered by any popular and well-known news agency. I have been using InUni for almost 2 weeks now, and have noted some of the satisfactory and not so satisfactory points. That being said, I’m giving a review of InUni over here, and that too with the features, pros and cons, and finally my verdict about the app. Right now, the InUNi app is only available on Google Play store for Android phones and if you want to try it, here is the Link.

InUni App Features

Let’s find out the features of the app at the beginning.

InUni app features

  • Apart from covering local news, InUni also shows quality news from across India and the world all in one place.
  • All the information, which you get on InUni come from trusted sources, and because of that, the company promises, you will never get any kind of fake news on the platform.
  • You can get a number of local contents about discounts, new movies, new job vacancies, any viral posts from the popular social networks directly on InUni.
  • InUni offers all your local news in your own language. That is quite good for a whole big class of people.
  • InUni can also help you get some breaking news from your locality, which is yet another great feature of the app.

That’s all about the features of InUni in a nutshell.

InUni App Pros

Now let’s have a look at the pros of InUni.

  • With InUni, you can always get the news on the app in your local language, and thus, it can be a great advantage for you, if you feel better reading the local news in your own language.InUni local news app review 1
  • I have downloaded the InKolkata app, the InUni app for Kolkata. Just in case there is some updated news, which is worth reading, I get a notification for the app, which is something I really like about the app.
  • There aren’t a lot of options within the app, which makes it easier to concentrate on the actual news, instead of diverting the mind to other options and features available.
  • InUni collect news from a number of small news agencies, which are completely indigenous and work only in a local area. Thus, you can always get some rare news about your city.
  • You can easily share any content or news directly to Facebook or WhatsApp, which is pretty handy. I wish support for sharing to more social networking websites is added soon.
  • There is also support for watching some popular news channels of your locality live on YouTube from within the InUni app.                                                                                                                InUni local news app review 3
  • There are separate sections for news based on my city, national news, and the popular news. Each of the options is available in tabs, and you can swipe left and right according to your requirements.InUni local news app review 2
  • You can even send your own news to the app by going to the ‘Your news’ section. Anybody can add news by entering the first name, last name, the news details, and also by adding some photos and videos through a handy Google form.                                                                                                          InUni local news app review 4

That was all about the pros.


InUni App Cons

Now let us have a look at the cons of InUni. All the news websites and apps, which I have used so far came with some cons. No news apps are flawless. Thus let’s find the cons of InUni.

  • Presently, InUni has partnered with a number of national news agencies to provide local and national news within the app. But the app is all about getting some regional news content. Frankly speaking, InUni, at present is not having a huge network of collecting a lot of regional news. Though I am sure, InUni will increase its news sources in the coming days.
  • There are 46 InUni apps. The company thought the users will download a single app according to their local news requirements. But there are some news hunters, who want to get all kinds of news from across India. Thus, it is practically inconvenient to download 46 apps, just in case you want to the regional news of all the cities. I wish there is only one InUni app, and the user gets an opportunity to switch between cities from within it. Yes, a man can hope.
  • The company promises, there will be no fake news on the InUni platform. No, I haven’t found any fake news till now, but there is some false and wrong information on the platform, which is shared by some local news agencies or users in Kolkata. InUni should have some smart algorithm to filter out incorrect information and news from its platform.
  • You cannot switch between news categories. All the popular news agencies categorize the news into different niches namely technology, politics, science, travel and many others. Unfortunately, you cannot go to your favorite news category on InUni. I had to watch a number of news based on politics, which I personally dislike on the platform. I wish there was an option to switch between news categories. Such a feature will take the app to the next level of satisfaction.
  • The most local news is available only in the regional language. I wish there was an option for reading the news in English. I know there are a number of news sources, which offer news in the English language. InUni offering language in regional language is pretty good. But I wish, there was an option to read the news in English, as well.

That was all about the cons. InUni app is a kind of new service, and thus I will not consider the cons as cons. These are actually the areas, where InUni can actually show some improvements in the future.

My verdict

There isn’t any doubt InUni is not a full-featured news app. But, if you are that guy, who is fond of having a grip on all the local news in the area, you can always go for InUni. InUni gets its news from more than 4000 verified new sources on the Internet, and thus, InUni has endeavored to cover the most authentic news on its platform. Though, there is some fake news, which I expect InUni will crop out in the future. That’s really important.

I wish InUni is reading this article, and have a look at the cons. InUni can be a great news app to cover local news if it improves those areas, which I have mentioned in the cons section. InUni can also get better if you can submit some of the local and regional news to the platform. Thus, I will recommend you to share the review, as well as the app with all your friends and family members. More the people come to about the app, the better will be InUni and its news coverage. What is your view about InUni? Which news app or website you use the most? Please let me know about it in the comment section down below.