Syska fusion Review: Budget wireless headset with balanced sound

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If you ignore the flat design of the ear cup inner part, then at the price of the INR 2599 which is the MRP of the device; Syska Fusion is surely a value for money device. Because around INR 2000, you are getting a vintage design, metal band, Bluetooth, AUX compatibility and well balanced sound. What else we want at a budget price?


    Vintage look

    Bluetooth & 3.5 mm jack compatibility

    Nice battery backup

    Well balanced sound


    Flat ear cup design sometimes not able to fit on ears properly.
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Syska, an Indian brand, deals in the consumer electronics and accessories, known for its quality products but at affordable prices. Besides consumer electrical items, the Syska also deals in a variety of Bluetooth, Power banks and audio products. Though the Syska is not a big name in the world of audio products, still whatever the products they have in their audio category are affordable and well designed. At least the product, we received for the review –Syska Fusion wireless headset. It is available at the price of INR 2,599 but on one can get it at INR 2,145.

It is a budget price headset but every product has some pros and cons including the Syska Fusion. After using this wireless headset more then two weeks here is our review and opinion.

Syska fusion Review Budget wireless headset with balanced sound


Before picking up any device, the first thing which attracts the user and compels him/her to buy it is the design. The Syska Fusion’s design is classic but with modern capabilities. Just like its name, a fusion of vintage and modern headsets design.

The upper part of the headset, I mean the metal-made headband, covered with a soft cushion foam pad wrapped in soft poo leather. Headphone Earcups are also used the same material for the internal side. Where the “C” portion of the wrapped material ends, there it screwed tightly with two plastic clamps on the headband’s metal.


Syska fusion headset review

To connect both ear speakers with each other,  a wire is running out from the speakers those are clearly visible and gives a retro looks to the headsets.

Syska fusion wireless headset review

Both ear speakers attached to the metal headband can be slide up and downwards in order to adjust them according to the size of user’s head and ear distance. Also, the point where the speakers attached to the plastic panel is designed in such a way that the speaker’s cup can move slightly up & down and left or right to easily fit and placed over the ear.

Syska Fusion headset wireless headband

The left side speaker cup consists the pushable scrolling wheel cum button which can use for multi purposes such as turning headset On/off, Volume up and down,  on/off the Bluetooth, music forward / backward, music pause, and picking up calls.

Syska fusion headset control buttons

The lower side of the left ear cup has LED light indicator, Mic and micro USB port for charging while on the left side one has the AUX cable port for the 3.5mm headphone jack.

Syska fusion headset usb and aux ports

Overall, all the design of the Syska Fusion is durable and consists all basic things which we need in a wireless headset. However, because of flat inside cups, it not able to cover the ears completely which tend sound leakage; can be seen in the third image given in the design section of the article. And how it effects we discuss in the performance part of the review.

Syska Fusion Wireless headset Specifications and box content

• Dimension: 153.5×49.5×182.5mm

• Weight 110 gms

• Connectors: micro USB

• Talk time: up to 5 HR (claimed by the company)

• Stand-by time: up to 200 HRS (claimed by the company)

• Music time: up to 8 HRS (claimed by the company)

• Compatible with Bluetooth Devices

• Bluetooth version: V4.2, profiles: HFPV1.2,HSPV1.2,A2DP1.3,AVCTP1.4,AVDTP1.4,AVRCP1.5

• supports: Aux (3.5mm) Input

• Package content: Headset,3.5mm Aux cable, warranty card, ear hooks, user manual

• Wireless range: up to 10 m (without obstacles).

Syska fusion headset box content

Syska Fusion Wireless headset Performance

First of all, let me tell you about the sound leakage. As I said, the ear cups are flat from the inside which tend them to not completely grab the ears, however, that doesn’t affect much of the sound input to the ears but still, if the ear pads of headphones able to cover the ear completely it will enhance the overall quality of music experience.

Coming to core test of this headphone, we used different files to see how good it is on different frequencies…

File 1 – Range from 200 Hz to 10 Hz (Bass test)

Good headphones go as low as 20 Hz which is the lowest limit of human hearing and in our test the Syska fusion able to achieve the approx 3o Hz which quite good for such a low budget headphone.

File 2- To test the treble extension of the Headphone. (Treble Test)

The Good headphone able to reproduce frequency up to 20000 Hz which is the upper limit of the human hearing range. In the Fusion headset, it successfully able to achieve 15175 Hz. It shows that the headphone is enough loud to hear the day to day music without any problem in a noisy environment.

File 3: Poorly designed headphone may start rattle on loud or deep base content.

Our this file will test the deep frequencies in order the check the trembling of the headset drivers. Basically, during this test a sweeping sound give to headphone from low to high frequencies, if there is any buzz sound appears while testing, it means the headphone will tremble on deep bass and loud volume but fortunately, there was no such problem we found on the Syska Fusion. This means it works fine on deep and high volume music.

File 4: Stereo test

Better headphones have tighter tolerance in the variation of their driver’s frequency responses. To reproduce a faithful stereo image, the left and right drivers must response equally to every frequency in the audible spectrum. The next sweeping tone we tested for stereo sound in this test should maintain a center point in all frequencies. But the headphone isn’t able to produce good stereo quality on high frequencies, however, if you talk about the low-frequency stereo sound both drivers performed well.

Real World audio test

Sometimes the above-mentioned tech savvy test may not easily able to understand by everyone. So, we also tested it with real-life music & audio files. We have listened a couple of high bass + treble and other songs those majorly focused on the vocals. What we able to find that the headphone is really well balanced. Yes, the bass user not going to feel regret after buying this headphone but don’t expect high deep bass. Because a song at 60 percent bass and 5% treble sounds not much different at 100% bass and 5 % treble on Fusion. But, if you talk about vocals and overall sound then it is one of the good headphones at the price it offers by the Syska. Also, we didn’t find any issues with a mic of the headphone during our test but in a noisy environment like traffic we not able to talk properly, However, we don’t think anybody would use the headset for calling while walking in a heavy traffic.

The best part of the headset is it comes with both Bluetooth and Aux port; which enables it to use with the 3.5 mm cable in case you are running out of the battery. The company claimed that it can go for 8 hours of music on one single charge and what we got in our test was around 6.9 hours.


If you ignore the flat design of the ear cup’s inner part, then at the price of the INR 2599 which is the MRP of the device; Fusion is surely a value for money product. Because, around INR 2000 you are getting a vintage design, metal band, Bluetooth, AUX compatibility and a well-balanced sound. What else we want at a budget price?


  • Design
  • Bluetooth & 3.5 mm jack compatibility
  • Nice battery backup
  • Well balanced sound


  • Flat ear cup design sometimes not able to fit on ears properly.





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