How to install Eclipse in Linux Ubuntu using command line terminal

Successfully installed Eclipse IDE Linux Ubuntu

Eclipse is an open source software used for software development as IDE (Integrated development environment). Here, in this tutorial will let you know how to download and install Eclipse on Ubuntu via command terminal. The Eclipse non-profit organization was founded in 2004 and supported by the IBM to develop the Eclipse IDE as an open source software. … Read more

How to find WiFi password from Command Line

How to find WiFi password from Command Line

WiFi is a common term nowadays. Most of us are dependent on WiFi networks for unlimited downloads, software updates, and other internet services one can think of. Almost everybody of us knows how to connect to a WiFi network, but I am sure, very few people are aware of, how to manage personal WiFi networks … Read more

Finding Dell service tag or serial number using the command line

Finding Dell service tag or serial number using the command line

Finding the service tag number in Dell laptops is the elementary task to get warranty or service. The same is applicable for other brands, as well. The service tag number in Dell, or the serial number, is the method for uniquely identifying a laptop, notebook, or any other device. You can always have Dell service … Read more

How to download and install Google Chrome on Ubuntu using command line Terminal

download and install Google Chrome on Ubuntu terminal

Google Chrome a fork of open source Chromium browser is no doubt, one of the most popular browsers today. Most of the users loved using Google Chrome not only because of the great user interface but also for its rich Web Store which offers a plethora of different apps for almost all class of users. Though … Read more

How to change directory in CMD on Windows 10 via Command line

command line to change directory on CMD

If you are new to Windows Command prompt then you might be looking for ways or basic commands to become familiar with CMD. Actually, before the Windows graphical user interface developed all operation were executed on Windows DOS were executed via commands line such as changing the name of a folder, search files and folders, viewing … Read more

How to install and use Bash on Windows 10 to run Ubuntu or any other command line from Windows

install bash on windows 10

There is no doubt, Linux is one of the most powerful operating systems, which comes with a great comment line or Terminal, and it is more powerful than the GUI itself. But despite the power of Linux, the popularity and market share of Windows is always at the top, at least for personal and office … Read more

7 Top Free Apps To Learn Linux/Unix Command Line Shell on Android Phone

Top Free Apps To Learn Linux Unix Command Line Shell on Android Phone

All Linux beginners are looking for a source to learn Linux/Unix commands line shell. Because all advance level tasks performed on the platforms like  Linux, Unix, Ubuntu, and Red Hat are in the command line. But the problem is that the Linux commands are so vast and remembering all of them sometimes very difficult especially for … Read more

8 Best Virtual Linux terminals Online to Practice Linux commands

Best Virtual Linux terminals Online to Practice Linux commands

Unix/Linux online terminals or emulators to practice various Linux commands & testing scripts on command base online Virtual Linux machines such as Ubuntu, Centos, or Buildroot. Use them without installing OS physically on Windows, macOS, Android, or Linux PC; just what you need is a browser.  What are Virtual terminals in Linux? Virtual Linux Terminal … Read more

List of All Mozilla Firefox about config commands & Settings

List of All Mozilla Firefox about config commands & Settings

The use of Mozilla Firefox About: commands in the Firefox Quantum browser is very simple. We have mentioned all the Firefox Easter egg features or you can say Firefox about commands in the single page of this article that you can use to perform operations and config tasks. The About commands are URLs that are linked with the … Read more

How to Check if Virtualization is Enabled via Command Prompt (CMD)

command to check virtualization is enabled in Windows 11 or 10

Want to confirm the virtualization is enabled on your Windows 11 or 10 PC & Laptop using the command prompt or Powershell, then just use the command “systeminfo”. On most modern systems, Virtualization is enabled by default on the BIOS, however, we can confirm that without actually opening the BIOS/UEFI firmware menu. We learn later … Read more

Single Command to Install Virt-viewer on Windows 11 or 10

Install Virt viewer on Windows 11

Virt-Viewer or Remote Viewer is an open-source program by Redhat to allows users to control and view the virtual machines that are running on local or remote servers. It is light in weight and offers a simple graphical user interface to access VMs managed by Libvirt or even without it. For viewing the remote Virtual … Read more

How to use WMIC Command to Uninstall software in Windows 11 or 10

WMIC Command to Uninstall software in Windows

If you are looking for a Command Prompt or PowerShell command to uninstall a Windows application then using the wmic (Windows Management Instrumentation Command-line) is a powerful technique, especially when dealing with hard-to-remove programs or automating the uninstallation process. In this tutorial, we learn exactly how to use wmic to uninstall software. Prerequisites: Steps to … Read more

How to install Angular on Windows 11 or 10 using command prompt

Installing Angular on Windows 10 or 11 using CMD

Those who are in development would already know about Angular which is an open-source framework built for developing dynamic web applications. It is developed by Google and is cross-platform in nature. Well, whether you’re a seasoned developer or just starting with Angular, the first step is we have to install it. So, in this guide, we … Read more