Are notebook cooling pads good? Does they make a big difference? Let’s find out

Being a laptop user, I’m sure you have come across hot air coming from one side of it while doing some heavy task. But notebook cooling pads are there for rescue! But to do cooling pads for laptops really work? Should I get a cooling pad for my laptop? You can find all the answers to such kind of questions in this article. Purchasing a laptop cooling pad shouldn’t be a big investment, and thus you can go for it. But wait, you are at the right place, and you should read the complete article. It is only after that, you take a final decision of purchasing the best laptop cooling pads.

Are notebook cooling pads good

Understanding laptop cooling

Before moving into the details of whether you need a cooling pad for your laptop or not, it is worth knowing how the laptop cooling system work, and why it is important. There are some parts of the laptop, which are susceptible to get hot. They include the CPU, the GPU, the Wi-Fi and other network antennas.

Even if you do not know some heavy activities it is quite normal for the laptop to chuck out hot air, when used continuously. It is necessary to cool them down, else your CPU will be similar to a small frying pan capable of frying a small stake of pork.

The laptop cooling system comprises one or multiple fans, and a heatsink. The heatsink connects the components, which have the tendency to become hot. It is also equipped with a fan to accelerate the cooling process by taking air from the surroundings.


The differences the cooling pads can make

If there is an existing cooling system for the laptop itself, what is the importance of an external laptop or notebook cooling pad! It might be helpful to reduce the temperature of the system by 1 or 2°, but you should not expect a magic. That is it.

You will not get your laptop turned into an ice ball of Antarctica, with a cooling pad. In some cases, a difference in 1 or 2° can also make a huge difference, but not every time. It has also been seen, if you are using a laptop for the purpose of playing games, a notebook cooler can give a slightly better performance by preventing from thermal throttling.

Thermal throttling is the process of the CPU or the GPU. It clips down the performance when the temperature crosses a particular limit.


Good for some users

But there are some cases when a laptop cooling pad actually works. There are a handful of users, who has a habit of working on a laptop keeping it on the bed. It blocks the necessary ventilation, placed underneath the laptop. In such cases, the cooling system of the laptop doesn’t give the optimum performance, which eventually has a drastic effect on your productivity.

If the ventilations are blocked in that way for a long period of time, it can also reduce the life of various other components in your laptop. They include the battery, the charging circuit on your motherboard, etc. In such cases, placing a laptop cooling pad just below your laptop can make the ventilation better. It can even give you a better performance of using the laptop by reducing the temperature to some extent, which is not possible if the ventilations are blocked.

Another thing which matters is the place where you are working. If you are working in a room, where the ambient temperature is very high, there is no doubt, you will observe some drop in performance. In such cases, a laptop cooler will not give you a huge improvement in the performance.

But when you are working within an air-conditioned room, there isn’t any doubt, you will get a great performance. In such cases as well laptop cooling pad will give you a better performance as laptop cooling pad take air from the surroundings, which is cold enough, and throw it on the vents of your laptop making it run smoother.


Cooling pads available in the market

There are several varieties of cooling pads available for laptops. There is also some laptop cooling pad for lap use, which just like other cooling pads, with an elevated platform, and it will be friendly for the cooling pad to keep on your lap.

As the name suggests, keeping the laptop on the lap like a baby, and working on it looks fancy. Most users even do that. But, if you are one from that group, facts are evident about how hot it becomes, making the lap feel uncomfortable. In this case, your lap obstruct the air flow, making the laptop hot. Are you that geek, who loves working on the laptop keeping it on the lap for long hours? You should consider getting a laptop cooling pad, meant for lap use.


Cooling pads for gaming

There are also a number of users, who are fond of playing games. There is gaming laptop cooler products available in the market. They come with multiple fans and LED indicators to signal you when the laptop is becoming overheated. It can help you can reduce the burden on the lap-sized gadget, whenever necessary.

But don’t expect your laptop to start tolerating all the games on the planet. You will be unable to play title which is not supposed to be played on your system, with just a fancy cooling pad.


Final verdict

Hope things are clear to you about notebook cooling pads now. Yes, laptop cooling pads are good. They are value for money. But you should not expect extravagant cooling from them. If you’re already having a laptop, and want to make it a little cooler, or want to work on it keeping it on the lap, bed, consider getting a cooling pad. But are you planning to purchase a laptop! Do you know your laptop will be overheated for doing some extensively heavy tasks on it? Better go for a desktop with a liquid cooling system. It will perform way better than any $30-$35 fancy laptop cooling pad.

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