Top 8 Budget-friendly Smart TVs to Buy in India during 2019 festive season

Television is probably present in almost every house nowadays, it has become very common, and very important as well. But due to the rapid storm that technology has brought all over the world, thousands of new gadgets have been made, and almost all the pre-existing gadgets have been highly upgraded, or in simple words, they have become smart. So, how could our Television be left behind, it has also become very smart, and smart TVs nowadays have gained huge popularity and many people are switching to it. Thanks to the craze of web series, YouTube, etc. Smart TVs have now become one of the most popular gadgets. But now the question arises that which smart TV should I buy? As there are many options and generally most of them are expensive. So, this article is all about the top six budget smart TVs which are available in India at present. Now, without any further delay, let me quickly explain it to you. SMART TVs mentioned here are between 10000 to 35000.

MI LED Smart TV 4A Pro

The favourite smartphone brand of India Xiaomi has also become one of the most popular smart TV brands in India. It offers some of the best features available. It comes in five variants, out of which three are budget variants and rest two are expensive, now let us discuss budget variants in detail.

Mi LED Smart TV 4A Pro 80 cm (32-inches)

The 32-inches model comes at a very affordable price and is also one of the best in its segment offering a lot of features. The real-life like vibrant colours and great viewing angles provide you with a mesmerizing experience every time you turn on your TV, you can watch all the all-clear. The Google Assistant present in it can no doubt become your best friend as you can control all the activities of this smart gadget using your mouth without the need to move. It has an inbuilt Chrome-cast, which is indeed good news for all the readers out there. The chrome-cast enables you to access apps like YouTube, movies, music, and so on from the Google play store and cast them all in your big screen.


The powerful speakers are loud enough and you can watch all your favourite movies, videos, and web-series hearing very small big details in them. It comes with a 64-bit quad-core processor coupled with a 1 GB RAM to offer you a lag-free smooth experience. The storage capacity of 8 GB is also a good feature. When it comes to connectivity, it has got 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, one Ethernet port, and a Bluetooth 4.2. All these ensure you can easily connect this smart TV with all your personal devices, furthermore, it also has the option of WiFi connectivity. Thus, it is indeed a great package from Xiaomi as it comes packed with a lot of features and that too at a very nominal price.

Mi LED Smart TV 4A Pro 108 cm (43-inches)

It has some differences when we compare it with its small brother, about which we had discussed earlier. The most distinguishing feature being the size, it has a big screen. It offers 1080p full HD resolution and offers the amazing view containing almost every detail, thanks to the seventh generation picture quality engine, all these make this TV a complete powerhouse and believe me it is a celebration every time you turn on the TV to watch your favourite movie, or web series, or YouTube, and so on.

It also has all the features which we had discussed earlier and the sound quality is almost the same as compared to its sibling. Thus, it is also a solid package and you can definitely consider it buying if you can shell some extra amount for the big screen.


Mi LED Smart TV 4A Pro 123.2 cm ( 49-inches)

This one comes with a 49-inches 1080p full HD display. It offers more deep sound quality as compared to the other two variants of Xiaomi while ch we discussed earlier. It comes with 2 GB RAM which further ensures a lag-free smooth experience. Rest all features are more or less the name. You can definitely consider this one if you want a theatre-like an experience and love the big screen.


Kodak 43 inches XPRO series

The TV has nice interface and nearly lag-free experience running on Android 7.0. At the price of Rs 21000, it provides satisfactory image quality at 4K resolution, the best thing it has 1080P resolution video playing capability. Lightweight compact remote control with the dedicated mute button. 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM are the lifelines of the TV along with Quad-core CPU. See its full review.


Vu Pixelight 138cm (55 inches) Ultra HD (4K) LED Smart TV

If you are looking for larger display then you can go for Vu Pixel light comes with Linux operating system and Ultra HD (4K) 3840 x 2160 Pixels. The common apps such as Netflix|Prime Video|Youtube are there. It has sound Output: 24 W, Refresh Rate: 60 Hz, WIfi, Dual-core CPU, 1GB RAM and 4GB ROM. Although the TV is slightly costly, during festivals, one can get it around INR 25000.


Sony 80 cm (32 Inches) HD Ready LED Smart TV KLV-32W622F

This smart gadget offers you a stunning display with deep details. It also includes a range of HDR features which includes HDR 10, and Hybrid log gamma, due to which every movie or video or web series that you watch on it appears like it is just going on in reality in front of your eyes. And if just like millions or rather I should say billions of people out there, you also happen to be a fan of YouTube, then this beauty is going to be just like your life partner from the day you purchase it, as its remote includes a YouTube button, and clicking it you get direct access to your heaven.

Just imagine how glorious it would be to watch your favourite video on YouTube with the best clarity, it would rather be a moment of perfect bliss. The sound quality is another important quality that is worth mentioning. The built-in subwoofer gives you concert like feeling every time you play your favourite track.


You can simply groove to it with full energy just like no one’s watching you and this smart beauty will make sure that your party never ends. When you think about connectivity, this powerhouse has two HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, and it also has built-in WiFi. So all these things make sure that you can easily connect it with all of your personal devices.

The operating system is based on Linux. The X protection pro feature ensures that your TV is fully protected even in extreme conditions like power fluctuations, dust flow, lightning strikes, and so on. So with all these features and a stunning design, this product from Sony is definitely worth buying.

Samsung 7 IN 1 HD Ready LED Smart TV (32- Inches)

This is another budget option which you have. The two speakers ensure you get good quality sound and thanks to Dolby digital plus technology, you can expect great sound quality from it. Coming to connectivity, it has two HDMI ports, one USB port, dual-band inbuilt WiFi, one Ethernet, and so on. All these connectivity options ensure that you can connect all your personal devices easily with this smart friend of yours.

It has a feature called Micro dimming pro, which divides the screen into different parts, and you can see vibrant colours and every shadow details in it. The content guide feature enabled in it keeps track of all the latest popular shows, which means you don’t need to search as everything has been already arranged for you. It also comes preloaded with an ample number of features like Personal Computer mode, Music System, Home Cloud, Live cast, Screen mirroring, and so on. With all said, I can conclude that this is a very good product from Samsung and if you seem to be a fan of Samsung then buy it now.


LG HD Ready LED Smart Tv (32-inches)

LG enters the battle with this product, but is it really worth buying? Let us find out. Let us start with connectivity options, it has two HDMI ports, one USB, built-in WiFi, one Ethernet. With all these connectivity options, you can easily connect it with all personal devices. A feature called image processor edits the colour of the content, delivering you mesmerizing picture quality.

The viewing angle is another astonishing feature of this gadget, as it gives you a mesmerizing view from all the angles. The Active HDR present in it provides you with al the rich details of everything going on in these TV. The built-in speakers deliver a jaw-dropping sound which can be heard from almost all the angles. The Dolby feature gives you theatre-like sound experience. If you love watching videos, web-series, movies, or prefer to remain hooked to just YouTube, then this TV is indeed for you. Apart from all these features, the fast processor present in it makes multitasking a real fun plus the simple yet attractive design is a real bliss to watch. Overall it is indeed a nice product of LG and if you are looking to buy a smart TV and are on a tight budget then you can definitely consider this as a strong contender in your wish list.


Thus, these six smart TVs are currently the best budget smart TVs available. They offer some of the best features and that too at a very affordable price. So, if you are wishing to buy one, but at the same time you happen to be on a tight budget, and also confused about which one to choose from, then after reading this article your confusion will definitely be over.