Backup and Restore Software for Android data on PC, Popular Once a lot

 The fear of losing the data of your Android device is like a bad taste in your mouth. And, if the concern turns into a reality then you might not get that data back until unless you have a backup in your possession.

Why you need a Backup app for your Android to save data PC?

People usually back up their data on an external hard drive. But is it the safest place to store your data? You might lose the hard drive or it could be stolen from you. So, what should be the perfect place to store your valuable data for a backup. Your own desktop PC can help you in this particular section. Just sync your data in an automated mode to store it on the PC or Laptop you want. And to make that sweet marriage into the reality you would be needing a priest. In that case a Backup and Restore app is the priest. Here are some software those were quite popular once.

1. MOBILedit

MOBILedit is one of the best applications for backup and restores the data to secure it. You can manage the data the way you wanted to be. You will have full control of your content that might give you the advantage to manage it. If you have it installed in your PC then there is no need to worry about handling multiple data types to backup and restore.


  • From saving new contacts to texting, from backups to managing files it can do everything you could possibly offer.
  • In my knowledge, it is not free and you might have to pay around 25 dollars to access the services from it.
  • It is a good app to do the task.

2. TunesGo

It has all the characteristics to be a backup and restore the app to rescue you from your fear of data loss. But the main attraction of this app is, it enables you to restore the data from the PC to a new android device. So, if for two solutions from a single application then choosing it will be a good decision for you. And the system works pretty well.


  • It is just a one-click app to back up your data from the android device. And it covers almost every data that you want to backup.
  • The restoration of PC to Android is the main part of it.
  • It is very much compatible with Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, etc.
  • You will be able to convert multimedia files for Android optimized formats.

3. MoboRobo

You can consider MoboRobo as an alternative option backing up and restoring your data. It is a desktop manager that can help you to manage the function in a systematic way to avoid any obstacle. The good part of this app is its free availability. The problem with this software you could face that there are many recommendations you will get from it like Apps to install or more.


  • The proper way to manage it is to update the installed app when it is necessary.
  • It will enable you to download multiple applications via MoboRobo Store.
  • You can back up your data of messages, apps along with many files or contacts, etc.
  • You will be able to see the information about storage from the device as well as from the SD card.
  • It is free but you have to deal with some advertisements.
  • With the help of this, you can even call or send messages.

4. SyncDroid

For backing up you’re data SyncDroid is a very good option to secure your data by syncing your android device and PC. It brings the quality to back up any data from your android device as well as you can back up from your SD card too. The process of this is very simple because it is a one-click go to get the job done. And for that characteristic, anybody can use it without facing any problem. It removes the tension of data loss.


  • It is compatible to work with the iPhone.
  • You do not have to pay for backup and restoration.
  • It gives you the ability to manage or edit your data by permitting you a viewing option of your mobile data.
  • Even it has the feature to download videos from video sharing sites.
  • There is an immense amount of free resources available like ringtone or wallpaper.
  • Some extra tools you can get from it like a video converter or ringtone maker as well as an audio converter.

5. Recovery Android

In search of a Backup and Restore app, this could be the app that would end your search mode. There are multiple Android OS-based smartphones that are unable to do a proper backup for your data. Contents like photos or SMS as well as applications are very much important to everyone. This app will help you to back up that type of data to your desktop. In the future, if somehow you lost all of your data form the android device you own then from the backup in your PC you will get it back.


  • You can back up your data free of cost.
  • To restore the data, you need to pay around USD20. It is not free.
  • Using this you can back up all your important data from your android device.

Final say

It is an effort to solve the equation of backing up and restoring contents from your android device to PC. If you know about any other app with this work type then feel free to share the knowledge via comments.