Top 10+ School Management Software

A School Management Software is a set of programming languages coded especially for educational purposes. It is designed to control the daily management level functions of the school. It aids the school authorities to virtually manage the day-to-day tasks and also have a sharp eye on all the relevant resources in one platform.

Below are the best School management software with trending features. The article consists of both free (open source) and paid software lists.

Best School Management solutions- Free, Paid & Open source

Fedena (paid & open-source)

A simple and powerful tool to aid you in your school management mission. It is trusted by over forty thousand schools and colleges in over two hundred nations as claimed by the official website. It supports over twenty languages to further cater to your needs. This software is also working on new technologies to deliver school-like learning but outside the classroom of the school.

Fedena School information system min


  1. Available in Paid and Community (open source) editions.
  2. From taking exams to daily attendance, to organizing fests and functions, this tool effectively keeps track of them all.
  3. It has merged with various online education providers to take the online classes to a next level.
  4. With the aid of this tool, you can conduct an online admission procedure, transparent and clean one.
  5. It helps to bring the guardians one step closer to the school management and teachers for the benefit of students.
  6. The grade book prepared by this tool gives a clear glimpse of the performance of each and every student.
  7. The daily record of attendance and discipline dashboard reduces the workload of teachers.
  8. The fee management feature helps to keep a track of the fee status of all the students.
  9. It offers you a free trial of two weeks and after that, you have to pay for it.
  10. It comes loaded with a demo.

Website link for Community version:

Gradelink- (paid)

Gradelink is one of the best school information systems in paid category tools and comes packed with many unique sets of features. The user interface is quite friendly and easy to use. It supports automatic software updates and has 24*7 technical support teams working in the backend for you.

Grade Link Student managment software min


  1. It keeps a record of all the necessary student and staff databases, like – address, birthdays, family details, etc.
  2. It keeps details of the attendance of each and every student as well as teaching and non-teaching staff in it safe and secure.
  3. It sets remainder for important classes, exam-related notifications, and much more.
  4. It sends and keeps track of all official emails.
  5. It keeps the database of the grades, results, performance analysis, etc of all the students.
  6. It tracks the data related to the fees paid by students, pending and paid status of students fee, etc.
  7. It stores the salary-related information of all the teaching and non-teaching staff.
  8. You can watch a demo to get a real-like experience.
  9. It is a paid software.



Gibbon – (free & Open source)

Gibbon is one of the popular open-source and free School management software thus, educational institutes host on their own servers.  Teachers can plan rich multimedia to share with students or parents. Furthermore, assigning homework and collecting work from students online is also possible. Integrate library to manage and track books and other assets issued by students. Gibbon School Administration system already using by multiple national and international schools.

Gibbon open source school management software min


  • Free & Open source, thus hosting on your servers is possible
  • Assess each others’ work through Crowd Assessment
  • Use HTML to create rich lesson plans
  • Display individual timetables for any student or teacher
  • Catalog any item you wish you track
  • Student Profiling
  • Manage School invoices, fees, and other billing
  • Generate and email invoices, receipts, and payment reminders
  • Generate special educational needs (SEN) alerts
  • Advertise job openings, and accept applications against them
  • Create interactive rubrics
  • Quickly and easily send messages


Veracross – (paid)

It is one of the most popular School Information System Solutions and is designed especially for KG to 12th class. This tool helps you to control the vast managerial level work of your school with ease, you can control all the stuff with just one tool.

Veracross min


  1. It keeps a record of the school’s academic year and all the other events calendar.
  2. A separate database of each and every student consisting of all the necessary credentials and information.
  3. School logo, report card design, etc all can be done with ease with the aid of this tool.
  4. It aids to design and manage the entire admission procedure and then provides step-by-step guidance to all the new aspirants.
  5. The user-friendly interface helps students and guardians to go through the exam-related information, interviews, parent-teacher meeting-related news, etc.
  6. The payment dashboard helps to track all the information related to the fees status of the students.
  7. You can remain updated about various online seminars and with the help of this tool you can get numerous ideas to organize big seminars and online events on your campus.
  8. It supports demos.
  9. It is a paid software.



openSIS (opensource)

openSIS is also an open-source student information system but with a pro version/cloud version as well.  Although there is a difference between Community Edition and Professional Edition except for few features that are not available in the free-to-use version such as Teacher Lesson Plans,  Microblogging, Library Management… A detailed comparison is available on the official website. It is available to K-12 and higher education institutions.

OpenSIS open source SIS


  • Built-in Messaging
  • Records Demographics, Contact & Parent’s and Guardian’s Information
  • Multiple types of Scheduling
  • Medical Records
  • Staff Information and Certification
  • Custom Report generator
  • Parent Portal
  • Gradebook and Attendance
  • Light Weight IEP
  • LDAP/Active Directory Integration
  • Learning Management System (Moodle) Integration
  • And more


fekara (free & paid)

Another best School ERP software with both free and paid plans. It is available online and you don’t need to install anything, just signup to this school management platform and you are good to go. The free plan offers -50 Students, 5 Teachers, Basic Modules, Email Support, and 1 GB of Storage. There will be a footnote “Powered by feKara” and the URL generated will be on a subdomain such as

Fekara Free School ERP software platfrom min


  • Preconfigured Zoom Accounts for the classroom (online Classes)
  • Meeting Link for Teachers and Students
  • Customize Templates and scheduling for report generation along with Email/ SMS Reports
  • Multi-Lingual
  • Role and right based login
  • Financial Reports & Summaries
  • Manage Fees, Basic Accounts ( Income/ expenses), and Teacher Salaries Calculation
  • Communication – Messaging System, SMS integration, Teacher/Parent/ Management Communication, and auto alerts
  • Single Signon with Google
  • Course material and Assignment Management
  • Attendance, Timetable, and more…


PowerSchool SIS (paid)

PowerSchool SIS is a good and trending school administration school and the fact that it is customizable to a good extent makes it a popular tool for all. It helps the students and guardians to get closer with the school management and it supports effective two-way communication between them.

PowerSchool SIS school information system paid min


  1. You can take school learning to the next level with the help of this tool, it gives you tons of creative ideas to impart quality education to the students.
  2. It analyses the individual reports of each and every student, and this helps teachers to use the right efforts to bring the best out of the students.
  3. All the reports, databases, and important credentials are safe and secure in this tool.
  4. The database of each and every student, including – reports, results, fee status, etc is stored in it.
  5. The database of each and every teaching and nonteaching staff is stored in it.
  6. This tool is a paid one.
  7. It features a demo for your convenience.




OpenEduCat School Administration Software is another open-source ERP platform from the Oddo community for efficient management of students, faculties, courses, and classes. Just like OpenSIS, it is also available in community and pro editions. Thus, educational institutes can install it on their own cloud platform or use the one provided by the developer of the software. It provides a wide range of features in the free community version well.

OpenEduCat Oddo min


  • Course, Batch, Subject, and Student Management
  • Faculty and student Dashboard
  • Student Bonafide Certificate Print
  • Admission and Attendance Register Management
  • Exam Attendees, Library Card, Marksheet Register, Asset, Class Room and Fees Management
  • Timetable Management of Faculties
  • Students Activity Management (Late Entry, Misbehavior, Etc.)
  • And more…



This is paid cloud-based school management solution comes with a tagline that emperors the teachers in the best way possible so that they can further pass it to their students. The customer support team is quite active as claimed by the website and you can expect 24*7 technical support from the team here.

Alma cloud based school management solution min


  1. It tracks the performance of every student individually and this, in turn, helps the teachers to impart the best possible teaching methods to them.
  2. Generates a grade book of each and every student based on its analysis and this further helps teachers and management to deal with each and every student in the best possible way to help him/her improve further.
  3. Supports online learning and also provides various ideas to management to impart quality education.
  4. It is customizable to a good extent.
  5. Can be merged with ‘Google Classroom’.
  6. The user interface is easy to use and maintain and not at all complex.
  7. It is a time saver for both students and school management.
  8. It boasts tons of features and helps you to control the entire managerial staff of your school single-handedly.
  9. It comes packed with a demo for your reference too.
  10. Alma is a



Classe365’s premium platform tool helps to manage students right from the time of admission to the time of alumni. The online admission process, online application forms, and the entire virtual process for admission are some of the salient features that this tool has to offer.



  1. This tool provides you with a unique set of features and ideas and all this, in turn, helps you to increase the number of admissions in your school every academic year.
  2. It has a strong presence in over one hundred and thirty nations and in over forty-five hundred schools and colleges as boasted by the official website.
  3. It enables guardians to deposit fees online.
  4. It analyses each and every student in an effective manner and generates a detailed report regarding sports, academics, overall performance, etc.
  5. It comes up with many ideas and resources to keep your institute way ahead of others.
  6. The technical support team is always there to help you as proclaimed by the website.
  7. It comes loaded with a demo for you.




One more popular school management software is here. It helps to track the students who are emotionally or mentally not well, due to any of the reasons by analyzing their behavior patterns, etc. This is one of the best features of this tool.

Goguardian min


  1. It has its presence in over ten thousand schools as backed by the official website.
  2. It is a user-friendly tool and one can get used to it with the usage of few times.
  3. The interface is simple, easy to learn and use.
  4. The technical team is available for your queries and doubts before and after you start using this tool.
  5. You can get it for free for a trial but afterward, you will have to purchase it.




This synergy education platform helps to bring out the best in your students in a number of ways. Students can go through their performance results prepared by this tool and then work harder to achieve more positive results.

Synergy min


  1. It prepares the gradebook consisting of the performance details of each and every student.
  2. The individual analysis helps teachers in a number of ways to impart the right efforts to all the students.
  3. It brings the guardians to the forefront virtually, and it creates two-way communication between teachers and guardians for the betterment of students.
  4. It also keeps on updating with tons of creative ideas and resources to improve the education and overall well-being of the institute and students.
  5. It is a paid software.
  6. You can request a demo here.



Thinkwave (free + pro)

The fact that this tool provides a cloud-based solution adds more to its security and privacy. It is a famous software and has tons of features to offer to you.

Thinkwave education and student software min


  1. Teachers can give all the necessary tasks and then collect them online, like – assignments, projects, etc without any hassle.
  2. It aids to forward necessary emails to students and guardians and also receive them.
  3. It has interesting and advanced chat features where guardians can engage in chat with various school authorities.
  4. All your school’s data is just one click away.
  5. It can be customized to a good extent.
  6. You can watch the demo on its official website.
  7. You get the premium version free for one month and then you have to purchase it. However, a completely free version is also there with limitations. 



Board Docs

Board Docs is a school Board Management Software Solution that comes equipped with some of the most searched features of  Board Meeting Software out there. You can rely on this tool for the effective management of your institute.


  1. It is a light and fast software and gives results quickly.
  2. The technical and customer support team is there to cater to all your small and big needs.
  3. It is a safe and secure tool, all the necessary information and personal credentials are protected and safe here.
  4. You can go through a demo on the official website.




[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”p” question-0=”What is a School Management Software?” answer-0=”In simple words, School management software is a tool which is designed for managing all the administrative work of an educational institute, like – school, college, etc. It performs all the activities, ranging from – students database records, teaching, and non-teaching staff database record, and much more.” image-0=”” headline-1=”p” question-1=”Why is School management software needed?” answer-1=”

  1. To reduce the time of school authorities over various things and that time can be effectively utilized on students.
  2. To make learning more fun and advanced.
  3. To keep a track of all the activities of the school, ranging from – exams to functions.
  4. Maintain fee status record, salary status record, and so on.
  5. Come up with various ideas and tools for quality education, and for the well-being of students and institutes both.

” image-1=”” headline-2=”p” question-2=”What are the examples of School management software?” answer-2=”There are quite many examples, like – Fenda, Gradelink, Veracross, Alma, Thinkwave, etc” image-2=”” headline-3=”p” question-3=”Which is the best school management software?” answer-3=”There are some of the best such software and after going through this article, you might have found the answer to this question.” image-3=”” count=”4″ html=”true” css_class=””]



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