The top best Torrenting sites 2018 to download your favorite contents

Living in the 21st century, I don’t think, I need to introduce the concept of torrents. Yes, torrent is a kind of peering service, which can help you to download things from the web, without the need of putting pressure on a single server. Yes, torrents work on the principle of peering, which means, you can download a single content for from multiple sources. Yes, torrent websites are really helpful, and the biggest good side is that you can even pause and resume your torrent download, whenever you like, which is pretty helpful. Here I will discuss the best torrenting sites 2018, which will surely be helpful for you, if you prefer peer to peer download, instead of direct downloads.

Moreover, if you are using an internet connection, provided by a local cable network, you can get better speeds, and thus, those users prefer downloading files through torrents, instead of downloading from a dedicated server, through regular methods. But the problem is, most torrent websites get closed, every day, as most of them are used to share copyrighted materials, and I certainly, do not support the use of torrents, for downloading copyrighted materials. If you want to know, what else you can do, with torrent websites, you can find a number of free and open source software from torrent websites, or you can even seed your own torrents to share your files and other contents with your friends.

Certain distributions of Linux, like Ubuntu, Kali, and others can also be downloaded through torrents, which make a torrent, a useful platform to share contents. Without discussing further, let’s now find out the top torrent sites, which you can use, in 2018, to download different types of contents.


Top best Torrent websites in 2018

Top best Torrent websites in 2018

The Pirate Bay

Though the name suggests, it is not only the pirated things, which you can find on The Pirate Bay. The Pirate Bay, or the Pirates Bay is well organized, and you can find torrents from different categories, which can help you to find out exactly what you need. The user interface of the website is pretty simple, making it the best choice for most novice and expert users. The user interface is simple yet powerful. Just search for what you need, and get the results.



1337x is yet another great torrent search engine with a large library of torrents, and you can find the most appropriate content quite easily, with just a single search. 1337x is among those websites, which is still favorite among most of the users out there. Just like other torrent websites, numerous torrents are assigned to different categories, and thus, it will not be a trouble for you, next time you search for your previous torrent.



RARBG is yet another big name among to torrent enthusiasts, and you can find a number of free and open source software from RARBG. In RARBG, as well, you can find torrents from different countries, and each of them are assigned to different categories, making it easy for most users to find the thing they need. The biggest advantage of RARBG, is the availability of a number of torrents, and it is one of the largest. On the homepage of RARBG, you can even find the latest torrent news, which is an additional advantage of the RARBG torrent website.



Are you fond of watching a lot of short films, and different other movies! If so, I will strongly recommend you to go for YIFY, which is one of the best torrent websites to download numerous movies and different kinds of videos. The downloads from YIFY will be of high quality, and if anything less than 1080p is a complete ‘No’ for you, YIFY gives you numerous movies and videos, with a resolution of almost 1080p.



If you are old netizens, you must have heard about Torrentz. But due to some problems, it was closed down, and now, the website with a similar user interface is available, and it is named Torrentz2. You just have to visit search engine to find your favorite torrents from a number of other torrent websites. engine do not offer a great user interface, but come on! It is not necessary. It does its job! Just search for your favorite torrentz2 movie, or any open source software, get the link to download it, from numerous other torrent websites.


As the name suggests, Torrentdownloads is one of the oldest and best torrent websites to download a number of great free and interesting contents. The best part about Torrentdownloads is its ability to find the torrents, which belong to a particular category, and thus, you will not have to cruise through unwanted torrents, which might appear in the search results. Torrentdownloads is one of these websites, which is blocked in many countries, and you will have to use any VPN service to access the website.



Limetorrents is another popular name, among netizens, and just like most other torrent websites, you can enjoy a beautiful user interface on the website. As the name suggests, you can find a green theme on the website, just like lime. Limetorrents feature a huge library of torrents, and you can browse torrents from different categories, just like the other players on the web. What’s different is that, there is an option for cloud search, which can be helpful for a certain class of users, and you can even find the latest torrents on the website, with just a single click.



Zooqle is the last one in this list, and it is one of the newest websites meant for downloading numerous contents through peering. This is a new website, the torrent library is not that big; if compared to the other players. But, if you are looking for something valuable, I will recommend you to go for Zooqle, and you might find out the thing, which you exactly need. The user interface is kind of new, and most novice netizens will surely prefer the new user interface.

Hope the list of best torrenting sites 2018, was helpful for you. I will repeat, on the websites, you can find a number of valuable contents, but please keep away from downloading any copyrighted material. Just think of, how you will feel, when somebody else uses your work, illegally! Respect the creators, and use torrent websites in a productive way. If you can’t access any of the websites, I will recommend you to go for any VPN service, and that will work for you, without any issues. Do you use any other torrent website, which is great enough! Do not forget to comment it down below.


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