Top 5 reasons you should subscribe to YouTube Premium to enhance your experience

YouTube Premium that earlier known as Youtube Red, if you are planning to subscribe then here are the reasons why really you should go for it.

Even though there are several streaming services available nowadays to watch TV shows and movies, there is no doubt, YouTube holds its position for offering rich content of different lengths to its users from several creators across the globe. Unlike most other streaming services like Netflix or Prime Video by Amazon, YouTube is well known for its versatility. YouTube has videos across all categories from creators across the globe. From tutorials to recipes, online classes to news, and every other type of video, YouTube is the safe home for everything. If you have some time in hand and you don’t know how to spend that, you can open YouTube and you will find a video that is going to entertain you, or will enlighten you, and help you get some knowledge in some way or the other. 

But unlike most other platforms, YouTube is completely free to use and that is the reason why you can see ads while watching videos on the platform. The ads not only help YouTube to improve its services but the revenue from ads also helps the content creators to improve their content so that you can deliver more enriched videos in the future. But if you are indeed annoyed by the ads on YouTube, you can get rid of them with a YouTube Premium subscription. When it comes to the YouTube Premium subscription, getting rid of ADS is just one side of the story. That is not the only benefit of subscribing to YouTube Premium. There are a lot of extra advantages that you can enjoy by subscribing to YouTube Premium and today I am here to talk about most of them. 

Why you should subscribe to YouTube Premium?

Let’s get started with the top 5 reasons why you should get a YouTube Premium subscription right now if you are fond of watching YouTube videos.

Why you should subscribe to YouTube Premium min

YouTube is a better place without ads

Even though most users will subscribe to YouTube Premium mostly to get rid of the ads, I must say, YouTube is a much better place without the ads. As I already discussed in the introduction, let’s elaborate on it. After YouTube has rolled out the YouTube Premium service in India, I have observed YouTube has become more aggressive when it comes to advertising for those who are not subscribed to YouTube Premium. Previously we used to see only one ad before a video and multiple ads for videos having a duration of more than 10 minutes. 

But today after YouTube has rolled out the YouTube Premium service, certain videos come with two ads at the beginning, and one can also be a full ad that you can’t skip. Considering all these, if you want to watch Youtube videos back to back, and watching informative YouTube videos is a kind of addiction for you from, which is not a bad addiction I would say, getting YouTube Premium is going to offer you a lot better experience than using YouTube free with several ads interrupting here and there on the platform, and obviously while watching the videos.


Feel privileged with YouTube Originals

There might be certain favorite creators of yours on YouTube. But what you might not know is most reputed YouTube creators also offer some exclusive content and that is only limited to the YouTube Premium subscribers. If you have already subscribed to YouTube Premium, you can go to YouTube Originals to find out what your favorite creators have to offer. YouTube Originals are available from renowned creators like Marques Brownlee, Justin Bieber, Slow Mo Guys, and many others. 

Not all YouTube creators have to offer YouTube originals, but most of them offer something exclusive and those videos are worth watching. Furthermore, you can also watch certain movies as a part of YouTube Originals that are exclusively available only on YouTube. However the free movies library as a part of YouTube Originals is not as good as Netflix or Amazon Prime, or most other premium OTT services, but it is always cool to get something with the help of YouTube Premium subscription where the free version of YouTube doesn’t offer any YouTube original movies or anything of that sort.


YouTube Music aka. YT Music and Google Play Music bundled

There are several on-demand music streaming services available and the top spots are occupied by Spotify, Apple Music, etc. But if you ask me about which is my favorite music streaming app, my answer is YouTube Music. There are several ways YouTube Music has more to offer compared to any other music streaming services you name. YouTube Music brings musical talents from the length and breadth of the earth and it doesn’t just focus on the originals by the artists. So from cover songs to originals, YouTube Music brings it all. YouTube Music also comes with the Endless Mix feature, which is the feature I like the most. 

While you are hurrying to your workplace, no time will be wasted adding tracks to the playlist. Just play the Endless Mix and leave the rest to YouTube Music. Similar to most other small and big music apps, YouTube Music features an Equalizer, and you can fine-tune the music quality based on your network capacity. YouTube Music is also available if you are not a YouTube Premium subscriber, but it comes with aggressive limitations like, the inability to play music in the background, and you can’t multitask while playing music. So, it is impractical, at least to me, to use YouTube Music without a YouTube Music or YouTube Premium subscription.


Background play of videos while multitasking

When it comes to music, it is best to listen to music offline and do something else on your phone and YouTube Music offers you just that. Apart from music, there are several other types of content on YouTube that you might want to listen to, in the background. For example podcasts, and there are different types of videos where you don’t always need to stick your eyes to the screen. It can be some informative video, a piece of news, or anything else that you can just listen to. That said, YouTube Premium brings you the option to play those videos in the background just like it is a song. 

Additionally, you can also play the videos on YouTube in picture-in-picture mode so that you can watch the video and do something else at the same time. Watching videos in picture-in-picture mode can be a little troublesome, thanks to the very small screen on smartphones, but the option is there at your disposal. Without YouTube Premium, all these options are not available and if you are fond of watching those types of videos that are informative, YouTube Premium can be a great option for you as you can play videos in the background and do something else or some everyday task. This is not only going to help you to do something else while listening to something on YouTube, but it can also save battery as your screen is not awake at all times when the video is playing.


Download videos in visually appealing 1080p resolution

If you have got a high-speed internet connection at home, and the internet connection that you get while commuting or at your workplace is not good enough, you might want to download the videos and make them available offline so that we can watch them at any time. Even though you can do it without a YouTube Premium subscription, there is a catch. Unfortunately, you cannot download the videos at full HD, i.e. at 1080p if you are not subscribed to YouTube Premium. The video quality of download will be capped to just 720p, and there are several videos on YouTube, especially music videos that you can’t make offline. 

So that is a serious limitation when it comes to downloading videos for offline viewing on YouTube. But with YouTube Premium, you can get over all these limitations, and if you watch youtube videos a lot while commuting, just to refresh yourself, don’t let the slow mobile data get you down. Get a YouTube Premium subscription to download all your favorite videos so that you can watch them with complete peace of mind while you are commuting, or at places where the internet connection is not that good or stable.

If watching YouTube videos is a kind of hobby and timepass for you, YouTube Premium brings unmatchable benefits for you that are not available in the free version of YouTube. In the coming days, YouTube will positively add new features and I am pretty sure those features are going to be more exciting for the premium users and there can be certain features that will be exclusively available for the premium users of YouTube. Additionally, the subscription cost of YouTube Premium is not that high and it is not at all a big deal if you compare the price with the benefits that you will be getting with YouTube Premium. If you are just into music, you can also avail YouTube Music instead of YouTube Premium at an even cheaper rate. The YouTube Premium Family Plan also makes the YouTube Premium plan more affordable.

So that was all about the top 5 reasons you should get YouTube Premium. Do you know any other great reason to get YouTube Premium? Feel free to comment on the same below.