11 Popular apps for watching Web series & Movies in India

Web Series are gaining huge popularity and fame every passing day. More and more people are getting hooked to them, and the ongoing pandemic has just added fuel to fire. Since the majority of people are now staying in their homes, it has also become one of the best means of time pass. Therefore, in this very article, I have come up with some of the best and popular such apps to watch videos of genre and web series, thus, without any further delay, let me start the show.

Amazon Prime Video

This app needs no introduction as it is one of the most downloaded and used apps of the masses. First of all, this app has got a lot more than just web series, you can have your unlimited entertainment here. What is your preference? Romantic, Thriller, Action, Comedy, and so on. You name it, and it has got it. It comes packed with a lot of web series of the above-mentioned categories, so you can choose as to power your choice. Not only this, but you can also even watch all your favorite TV shows and films here. Furthermore, you will have unlimited access to all the content at a very nominal rate, you just need to become an Amazon Prime member and it is your ticket to a world of unlimited entertainment. You can avail Prime benefits at a price of 129 rupees per month or at 999 rupees per year. When it comes to the in-app purchases, this 24 MB size app has got the same in the range of 65 to 1000 rupees.

Amazone Prime min


Does Netflix need an introduction? I don’t think so because already millions of users binging on Netflix produces Web series and Movies. The price plans of this online streaming app are also very affordable and one could easily find its flavor of entertainment inside its streaming app. Not only for adults but Netflix also has a safe section to watch by Kids. It offers series, movies, documentaries, and stand-up specials.



Discovery Plus: TV Shows, shorts, Fun Learning

One of the most astonishing features about this app is that you can enjoy your favorite web series or TV show in approx eight languages, so you might be lucky enough to find your favorite language in it. Some of the content available in it is free, while to access the full content, you need to become its member and that too at an affordable rate. You can watch most of the TV Shows, some of the web series, short videos, and much more for free, and if you want premium access to all the web series, TV Shows, and almost each and every category of content ranging from – Nature, Wildlife, Science and Technology, Lifestyle, etc. Then you need to pay a small amount of 299 rupees for a year. Moreover, you can even Chromecast all your videos of tablets or smartphones to the big screen with the help of this app. This 8 MB small size app has got in-app purchases in the range of 100 to 299 rupees.

Special shows on Deiscovery plus onleins treaming app min



This 16 MB size app is next in our list for live streaming web series in India, let us figure it out. This is also one of the one-stop destinations for all the entertainment geeks looking for the content in Hindi langauge. It comes loaded with a lot of  Web series, Movies, dedicated Ullu web series, etc. When it comes to the categories of these shows, they are of numerous categories, like – Romance, Horror, Suspense, and much more. You can have access to all this content with the in-app purchases of this very app, and once you download this app, you can watch two videos for free and then go on to watch each and every trailer for free, in this way you can decide for yourself that which is the content that you should pay for. The interesting thing is that all the web series are very tempting and if you are a web series guy, then it will be very difficult for you to say no to it, and also the content keeps on updating very frequently here. If you are concerned about the in-app purchases, then let me clear it out that they range from 10 to 2050 rupees.

Ullu Adult web series streaming App in India min



Another well-known and best app to stream Hindi shows and series is Hotstart. The interface is quite simple and you will certainly have no issues against it. One of the main reasons for its popularity is that it has got many shows from various Indian TV soaps. If you are also just like millions out there, a fan of Indian soaps, then you are sure to like and enjoy this very app too. Star Plus, Star Bharat, Life OK, etc are all present here along with their trending shows. Furthermore, it also has many news channels, English soaps, and news and even shows in your regional languages, so overall it is a nice package. You also get the Hotstar dedicated soaps here, and they always come up with many new and amazing sets of content for you. You can also watch sports and movies on it and it is indeed a thumbs up feature. Last but not least, after you have tried the free version, then you can opt for the monthly or yearly packages depending upon your needs and demands.

Hotstar Indian streaming app


ALT Balaji – Comedy, Thriller, Drama and Romantic Shows

This 15 MB size app is next in our article and it has got a lot in store for you all to enjoy. Alt Balaji also features Hindi web series to watch online with trending stories and comes with a variety of packages, like – one is of 100 rupees for three months, 300 for twelve months, and more. You will get access to all the originals from ALT Balaji and they have a lot of content and keep on coming up with new shoes quite often. These shows are of various categories, including – Action, Mystery, Adventure, Horror, Comedy, Romance, and a lot more. You can also watch a lot of movies here, and it will serve as your mini theatre. 

Alt Balaji streaming free app min


MX Player Free

It is a known name and needs no new introduction, as I guess most of you might be already familiar with it. It comes loaded with a lot of content for you. You can entertain yourself with the help of awesome and large stuff that it comes packed with. You can groove to your favorite music tracks, watch all your favorite movies, ranging from Hollywood, Bollywood, and even some of the regional languages based movies. You can also watch many popular and famous TV shows of multiple Hindi and multiple regional languages. Furthermore, you can also catch the live action of some of the channels that it comes preloaded with.

It is not at all over, you are also entitled to watch all the MX originals here, and they have a huge content of some of the most entertaining web shows which you are most probably going to enjoy and love. One of the most astonishing features of this app is that it is absolutely free and has neither got any subscription fee nor any in-app purchases, then what is stopping you? Just grab this beauty and unlock the lock which is stopping you to enter the crazy virtual world of entertainment.

MX Player Free


TVF Play

This 11 MB size small size app offers one of India’s Best Original Online Videos. You can watch some of your favorite shows like – Permanent Roommates, Pitchers, Tripling, Inmates, Bitch Please!, F.A.T.H.E.R.S, Bachelors, and many more. It has a lot of content to keep you glued to it for hours and you are also set to receive your dose of entertainment. The interface is quite simple and you will probably have no issues against it. The in-app purchases range from 250 to 2075 rupees and you can make all those according to your choice after you go through this app and the content.



Viu – Watch and Download Originals, Movies, TV Shows

It is packed with a lot of TV shows for you to enjoy all day and night long, if you are a web show geek, then this app will not disappoint you. You can watch all your favorite shows, it has content based on numerous categories, like – Action, Adventure, Drama, History, Romance, and so on. It has shows based on English, Hindi, and various regional languages. Furthermore, you can also download the content and view it whenever you want to offline, and also share it with all the people that you wish to. If you are thinking about the in-app purchases, well, this 15 MB size app has got the same and the range is 20 to 2150 rupees.



IMDb Movies and TV

If you love to watch international web shows, then this app is going to be one of your favorite things in the coming future. You can browse through a wide category of TV shows and then watch all that attracts you, and you can even rate and leave a review for the same. You also get to watch a lot of movies that it comes loaded with, along with a plethora of web series, so overall, a good package of entertainment is what it has got to offer to you. When it comes to in-app purchases, this 19 MB size app has got none and is absolutely free.

IMDb Movies TV Shows min


Plex: Stream old Free Movies, Shows, Live TV and more

Plex which is also known for its media server, comes in an app of 35 MB size app with the option to stream pre-stored movies along with Live TV channels. You get a lot of entertainment here, so get ready to dive into it. You can stream most of your favorite movies here and enjoy them alone or with the people you want to. Moreover, it has got more than eighty live channels for you to watch, they include channels from a number of categories, like – Sports, Food, News, and so on. Furthermore, do not forget the originals that it comes back with and they are also of numerous categories and will keep you glued to it. Last but not least, the in-app purchases range from 65 to 9600 rupees.

Plex Stream Free Movies Shows Live TV and more min


Thus, these are the Eleven best and popular apps that can feed your hunger for web series and you can also get your solid punch of entertainment here. As of now, I hope that you might have picked your favorite app, so what is the wait for? Let the unending party and rocking fun begin.

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  1. Hotstar is the best app for watching popular programs like a cricket match, TV shows, web series, movies, popular shows, etc. and likewise watch the film in great video quality.


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