What is Teachable Machine and why is it getting Popular?

At first, learning AI and related concepts were very difficult and time taking. Many people feared to take a look at this interesting field due to the hardcore coding and statistical knowledge to create the AI models. However, with the creation of this amazing tool called Teachable Machine, work became easier and fast.

Teachable Machine is an AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning tool that was developed by Google in 2017 and it runs on top of Tensorflow.js that was also developed in the same company.

This is a very powerful and user-friendly tool that helps in creating your Machine Learning and other AI models without having any prior knowledge of the same. Teachable Machine is so advanced that it already does the training, testing, and validating part by itself. One just needs to upload his/her files that he wants to train like mp3, mp4, images, etc. and just specify the names of the file in this tool.

Rest, the whole work starting from selecting the hyperparameters to complete training of the model is done by the Teachable Machine itself. Because of its built on top of Tensorflow, it is very fast and gives high accuracy as compared with the manual creation of ML models. Also, the accuracy of this model is very much closer to the famous ANN models like VGG16, Resnet50, Resnet101, etc. These were the models that created a benchmark in the AI world and are used by many ML experts. This process is known as Transfer Learning.


Some of the features of Teachable Machine are given below:

Gathering the data:

This process involves gathering the data we want to train and test as mentioned earlier. The data can be of any type like jpg, png, mp3, mp4, etc. The train and test data should be separately prepared otherwise the tool will not function properly and give improper results.

Training the model:

After data gathering, the next step is to train the model. Training the model can be done either through the default parameters that Teachable Machine provides or one can play with the parameters and tune the model as per his/her choice.

Testing the model:

After the model is trained the next step is to test the model and validate the same on an unknown dataset.

Exporting the model:

The final and interesting step that this tool provides is the provision to export the model that we created as a Tensorflow.js file, Keras, Tensorflow Lite file which we can use to see the structure of the network. One can download the trained model and visualize the number of hyperparameters used and no. of neural network layers used to create the model. This helps every naïve ML, DL developer to see how to manually create a model and attain good results.

Provision to contribute on Github:

Developers who have prior knowledge and expertise can also contribute on Github to help in upgrading the tool.

Here its official website link…

Some Famous works are done with the help of Teachable Machine

Tiny Sorter

This is a very famous project that was done with the help of Teachable Machine. The main feature of this project is that it can connect an Arduino with Teachable Machine and can replicate every command that we feed using Teachable Machine. This sorter helps in teaching Machine Learning and Deep Learning in a very smart and efficient way.

Teachable Snake

This was created by Vince MingPu Shao with the help of this powerful tool. The main features of this project are turning a webcam and a piece of paper into a powerful game controller.


This was a project that was created by Steve Saling and the cool features of this project are communicating through facial signals which in return create sound waves and send the same to the receiver.


If you are a beginner and want to work in the field of AI then this is the right place to dive in. This will help you understand the basic schema of how an ML model is created and once you have gained the requisite knowledge of the same, you can start diving into the in-depth concepts of AI. So, start your journey as an AI engineer and keep exploring!!