15 apps parents should know about, if kids are using them

It is a little bit difficult to know what kind of apps should a guardian or parents allow their children to use on their smartphones; because both Android’s Google play store and iOS App store comprises millions of apps and daily new additions are happening as well. Thus, according to Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office, here are some applications parents should keep eye on while using them by their kids. However, the list of 15 apps parents should know released in July 2019 yet feasible in 2020 too.



It is a social dating app available for Andriod and iOS. MeetMe allows unknown people to find each other online, yes, it is not an alone app over the internet that gives such facility; there are several similar kinds of dating apps and parents should know if their kids are using any of them. Because they might end up with some scammers those hook people for their personal benefits and about little kids they are gullible enough to become prey.


Grinder is another dating app, listed by the Abbotsford Police Department, that and other such kinds of apps should be in the knowledge of parents. It is a dating app crafted to target the LGBT community. The app gives users options to chat, share photos, and meet up based on a phone’s GPS.


Like Happen, BADBOO and other dating apps, SKOUT is also a location-based dating app and website that uses the GPS to find out the match, thus giving an idea to other people about your kid’s location. However users under 17 old are unable to share private photos yet kids can easily create an account with older age.


Just like Tinder, this dating app allows only women to make the first contact, however, Kids can create a fake account with bogus age entry and could start meeting to unknown people which is not only bad for them, also for their studies.


It is Live streaming available on the iOS store and uses geolocation of the users to share the video that leads other users to find the exact location of the broadcaster. Users can earn “coins” as a way to “pay” minors for photos.


As per the Campaign carried out by the Abbotsford Police Department, this app available for both Android and iOS is known for cyberbullying. It instigates users to allow anonymous people to ask them questions.


I don’t think you would not be aware of this online short video creation platform, TikTok. It is very popular among the Kids and comes with limited privacy controls, users are vulnerable to cyberbullying and explicit content. Furthermore, also encourages children to attempts more life-risking tasks just to get famous or getting more likes; it can be seen intermittently news erupting around the world, how kids and adults accidentally losing their lives while creating TikTok videos. Furthermore, such kind of short video creation apps diverting Kids mental attention from their studies and other career-building activities.


Snapchat is one of the most popular apps in recent years that become a hub to share photos/videos including stories feature that automatically get disappeared in 24 hours which can be seen by the users. User can use Snapchat to share location.


It is a live video chat app that one can use to meet new people or date them, however, it or same kind of apps could put kids in jeopardy. Few users also have been confronted with racial slurs, explicit content and more.


WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application and none of the parents ever give heed to their Kids Whatsapp messages or whom they are talking with but they should as you know WhatsApp allows users to send texts, photos, voicemails, and make calls and video chats. Thus, it should be in cognizance what kind media files are sharing by your kid to whom? Not only WhatsApp there are other similar apps which a child can use to talk online some of them are Telegram, KIK, Viber and more…


As its name suggests, it provides a social anonymous network that allows people to share secrets with millions of strangers around the world. It also reveals a user’s location so people can meet up.


Another dating app in the list that parents should know about is Hot or Not, as per the Abbotsford Police Department the main motive of app is to allow people to get hooked up. Furthermore, users can rate profile, chat with strangers and check out people in their area.


It is not like, all these apps listed above are bad or harmful, just minor kids or growing one should refrain or have limited usage because they are in the age where anyone can easily mentally or physically persuade them to do wrong activities. It is like every coin has two facets the same is applicable to technology and apps.