3 Best Free 3D Animation Apps for android Phones

The Desktop is not the only place where you can convert your creative ideas into a reality using free animation software. Now you can do same with your enough powerful smartphones or tablets. Drawing using an animation app on a smartphone will become more easy with help of pressure-sensitive styluses like the Samsung S-pen. It just like you are using a pencil to draw something on a paper. Moreover, this smart device is always with you, for example, you on your vacation and got some idea for a GIF animation you can instantly use your smartphone to capture that.

If you have children then using these free animation apps you can help them to learn the curves of study and life in an interactive way.


So, today we have consolidated a list of best 3D animation apps available for the Android phones.


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3 Best Free 3D Animation Apps for android Phones

Iyan 3d


Iyan 3D free animation app now becomes a fully open source tool that means you can use the source code to develop your own Android or iOS animation application.  This 3D animation app lets you create movie or cartoon with help of your Android device. It can animate the objects frame by frame and you can also enhance the animation by importing a different character, props, background images, and 3D text from the device or their online store. It is available for both Android and iOS phones.

Furthermore, it can adjust the camera and lights while creating the animation movie.  If you are new to this app then you can use their online store to import the ready-made 3D models to start doing animation instantly.  This app can for various purposes such as for storytelling, Cartoons, Movie, demonstrating some Yoga or exercise movements and more…

Some Key features of Iyan 3D

  • Import external phone gallery images into the animation.
  • Light and camera placement
  • 3D Text with variety of font style
  • Before exporting the animation project you can preview them.
  • Project save or open option
  • Undo actions anytime
  • And More…


Toontastic 3D

Toontastic 3D is another good app for creating a storyteller 3D animated cartoons. You can draw your cartoons animate them and even give a voice over. It allows to record your voice and store it with your 3D video. This animation app also features different characters such as pirates, villains, robots and many more.


  • Offer tools to design your own character
  • Import your photos
  • Custom color option available for characters
  • In-built soundtracks
  • Three Story Arcs: Short Story, Classic, & Science Report
  • Export videos to show your friends
  • And more…

Animate it


If you like the Minecraft character then you have to give one look at this app. Although, the app is good for creating animated videos using the built-in characters but it is a bit complicated to understand for beginners. You have to give your time to get used to it. If you in animation school and need some animated app for a fun then this would be the best choice.

While working with an animated character on this app you can touch and drag to move the body parts. Touching on the free areas of your canvas you can easily adjust the camera, standard zoom and translate view.


  • Can create to 32 frames in each clip
  • Allow creation of building Lands and open scenes
  • While editing the animation clip preview can be seen at the same place
  • Poses copy, paste, mirroring and reset
  • Ghost previous and next frame can be view
  • Collection of different character
  • And More…


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