4 Top Stress Relieving Apps for Android on Play Store

Well, I know that the present situation is very challenging for all of us, as we have to ensure that we remain safe and secure all the time. Some of the things that all of us are following strictly all day long are – staying confined within the boundaries of our sweet home, washing our hands on a regular basis, and so on. But, one of the biggest challenges here is to remain both mentally and physically fit. So, today I am here with some of the best apps available in our Google Play store that would surely help you to stay mentally fit and free from stress and tension.

StressScan: heart rate monitoring and stress test

This 15 MB, small size Android app, is from Desco. It is effortless and simple to use and gives you instant results within two minutes. You just need to place your finger over the rear camera of your smartphone and then witness the magic. This app will give scientific data and analyze the level of your stress. You also get your heart rate along with the stress index through it. It also highlights whether the range of your stress level is normal, low, or high, and so you can be fully aware of the level of stress you are taking, and the fact that it would only lead you to the trouble and nothing else, and it will also motivate you from inside to give up your habit of taking too much stress and tension at least for the sake of your family and loved ones. One of the most astonishing features about it is that it has got no in-app purchases and is absolutely free.


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Relax Lite: Stress Relief

Saagara has created this stress relieving Android app. It is also one of the best such apps and does its best to make you feel better. It contains music that is sure to provide you with some relief from stress and tension. A pre-loaded meditation feature is an eight-minute session and it targets different parts of your body to reduce tension and make you normal as well as better than before. Things like breathing and all that leads to stress are also monitored by it. The graphics are also amazing so that you get a clear view of everything on the screen. The in-app purchase is of 203 rupees and you will get many additional features which include advanced meditation and breathing sessions, etc for you. So, I can suggest to you that first of all try the free version, and then if you think that you are benefiting from it, then you can definitely make that purchase.

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Sanvello for Anxiety, Depression & Stress

This 49 MB size app for Android is created for all of you by Sanvello Health. It features a daily mood tracking, where you can choose a rating to express the condition of your mood at that very moment and also add a note to elaborate your thoughts and feelings. Then, you have Guided Journeys platform in it, where you can get personal assistance from the experts. You get messages through audio or video calls from experts, who motivate you in the best possible way and highlight the importance of meditation in your life and how it is going to eliminate the bad habit of stress and bring out a better person within you. Furthermore, you get many platforms and tools in it, where you can share all your negative issues, and then you are to be motivated and inspired in return and various quizzes and puzzles loaded in it are all set to lead you to a fun-filled crazy journey. Last but not least, remember that you are not the only person, there are millions of people like you, so you also get the opportunity to chat with all such people. Moreover, the in-app purchases range from 130 to 12800 rupees, and you can decide that after trying out the free version of this app.

Sanvello for Anxiety Depression Stress

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Wysa: stress, depression & anxiety therapy chatbot

This small 8 MB size is from Touch. Wysa is nothing but your best friend, whose only motive is to make you a stress-free person who enjoys each and every moment of his/her precious life. You can chat with your buddy and express all that happened with you all day. Furthermore, you can also practice Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and other such techniques to make you feel better. Your buddy is also packed and loaded with over twenty superb exercises on sleep, relaxation, and focus on making you a more and more happy person. And yes, you can share all your thoughts with Wysa, and then relax. Many people have claimed to feel better after using it, so now it is your turn. The in-app purchases here are in the range of 100 to 10000 rupees, and you can shell off that much money if you start feeling better and becoming a happy person leading a stress-free life.

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Thus, these are the four best apps available in the Google Play store which all of you can try, and most probably, you will feel better after using them. Though all the apps are free to download, some of them have the in-app purchases, but that does not mean you have to pay for them, you can enjoy most of theses apps free of cost and to get access to certain limited benefits, you need to pay, so after trying out the free version, if you find it useful or see the changes that you were looking for inside you, then you can make those purchases. So, that was all for this article, UI hopes all of you might have found it useful.