5 Best Apps for Android to Learn Java Language

Well, there is no doubt that a large portion of India works in the IT industry. Every year, there are lakhs of aspirants who dream of entering this industry to pursue a marvelous career and generate bread and butter for themselves and their families. So, in this article, I have included some of the best apps available in the Google Play store which can help you to master the Java language and it will, in turn, be very helpful for all the budding engineers and other computer-oriented professionals out there. Let us now get straight into our topic.

Java Pattern Programs Free

Java learning app for Android min

It is a tiny size app but it has good information for you all. If you are having sound basic knowledge of this programming language then you will find it useful. It comes loaded with a lot of study stuff and a lot of patterns and programs. Furthermore, all these things will also help you to answer some of your viva or campus interview questions, so it is another plus point of this app. If you have any issue regarding the loops, like out of the three loops For, While, and do-while, then you are again going to get a lot of aid from it. Moreover, you will also find various programs, keywords, one-liner questions and answers, and much more. So, if you thoroughly go through all of it, then you are surely going to boost your knowledge and learn many new and interesting things for your career ahead. One of the most amazing things about it is that there are no in-app purchases and it is absolutely free.

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SoloLearn: Learn to Code for Free

SoloLearn free Android app to learn coding min

One more tiny sized contender but with a big heart, let us figure it out. So, are you ready to master your favorite programming language? If yes is your answer, then this app is waiting to be unleashed by you. It is quite simple, and easy to learn as it starts from the beginning and you need not be the master of this language, you are only expected to have minimal information about this language. It comes packed with over sixty lessons and they cover the entire language in a very beautiful manner.

At the start, you will be taught the basics, then some of the statements, loops, arrays, classes, objects, and so on. After completing each lesson, you can give a test and view your rank among other learners. And after you have completed all the lessons with full concentration and focus, then no one can stop you from becoming a software developer. Now, let me surprise you with the fact that this app has got no in-app purchases and will cost you zero rupees.

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Learn Java Programming app

Android App for Java Beginners min

This very small app enters this battle and it comes with a lot of important back-ups with it. It is rather divided into three topics, namely – Basics, Object-oriented, and Advance. So, you can start your journey with the choice of your topic. As all of us know, that practice makes a man perfect, so this beauty offers you a lot of things to practice. It comes backed with over one hundred and sixty multiple-choice questions to practice and master. These MCQs range in three levels, from beginner to intermediate to expert. You will be taught programming with the help of over forty programs to further clear your doubts and enhance your knowledge. And not only this, but it also prepares you for the on-campus or off-campus interviews by sharing with you the most important technical related questions. Moreover, the simple and user-friendly interface is indeed very praiseworthy and you are sure to love it. When it comes to the in-app purchases, you have to shell off nothing as it is completely free.

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Learn Java by coding and Programming

Learn Java Programming app min

It is one of the finest apps out there to help you conquer this language. You will be taught everything chapters and in a very detailed and step by step manner. It also has over one hundred Java programs ranging from average to topper levels, and they also have the necessary comments to help you understand it better. In the end, you also get the output for each and every program to help you in checking your program. Furthermore, you can also study a plethora of questions related to the language, and they will help you out to increase your understanding of this language and also come very handy during your in and off-campus interviews. It also has various tutorials and online coaching for beginners to advanced levels.

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Jvdroid – IDE for Java

Jvdroid IDE for Java min

It is one more awesome contender on our list. One of the interesting things about this app is that it works offline and no internet connection is required for you to utilize it. With the help of this app, you can run your programs on your smartphone after you are done writing the code, and that too without using the internet, isn’t that cool? Gone are the days when you used to write codes on big machines, as you can do that just on the go. It also comes packed with a lot of simples to complex features, like – tabs, syntax highlighting, code formatting, extended keyboard bar having essential symbols needed to write your program, and so on. The in-app purchases are present and are of the range 80 to 820 rupees.

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Thus, these are the five best apps of 2020 when it comes to learn and practice Java programming language. All of us are in the current situation of the world, but this is the time that all you must work very hard, as once the condition improves, there will be a lot of candidates but very few job opportunities. So, keep your preparations going hard, and once everything is alright, you will definitely become one of the finest and best software developers. 

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