3 Best Tools to Boost your Typing Speed on PC

We know that there is a plethora of software out there and they carefully cater to us each and every day. And few of them are meant to increase your level of typing proficiency on the PC keyboard to increase productivity.

Best Free Software to improve Typing Speed on PC

So, in this article, I have included some of the best software which can help you to further enhance your typing speed and also give you more and more confidence to type. Hence, without any further talk, let me quickly get into the topic.


KeyBlaze tutor for learning typing

The first player on our best list is KeyBlaze typing software, let us try to figure it out. Do you wish to learn typing and then master it like a pro? Well, then this tool can help you out. The interface is also quite amazing and fills you with confidence and urges you to dent in your quest. Furthermore, the interesting thing about it is that it has got something for everyone, let me explain this to you. If you are a beginner, then this tool can help you to learn typing, eventually fall in love with it and increase your speed with continuous practice. If you happen to be an occasional person when it comes to typing then also you can increase your typing speed by practicing constantly. And if you are already good at typing, then a; also you can increase your speed, with the help of this tool. This tool can be quite helpful for all the students, job-seekers, existing employees, whose profile revolves around computers.


Rapid Typing Tutor 

Rapid best Typing Tutor

One more exciting tool in our kitty that we can look forward to. The user interface is something really colorful and cool, and most probably you will like it. The notable characteristics of this tool are many, namely – a digital keyboard with moving hands, it also displays the progress that you have made, including your speed, weakness, and so on. Now, it is not that good for the beginners out there, as no proper instructions are given regarding the basics, rather it is a platform, where you can come and practice hard to further enhance your speed from normal to super level. It is just like riding a Harley Davidson after you are done with the Royal Enfield, but you should know the basics of bike riding. Overall, it is a majestic platform to practice hard and by putting in your best efforts you are sure to master your typing speed and shine brightly in your professional life.


Klavaro Touch Typing Tutor

Klavaro best Touch Typing Tutor

It is an amazing open-source software to learn typing to help you in your dream to type like a pro. It comes packed with a lot of essential stuff to help you on your journey. You will learn how to place your hands and fingers in an accurate manner while typing, then you will be guided step by step how to move your fingers in the best possible way to type at the maximum speed possible. After you are done with this learning, there are some tests to judge how well you have learned all that was taught to you. The difficulty of these tests goes on to increase with each and every passing level, so be prepared in advance. Furthermore, you are going to face a lot of test series which will be dealing with speed, accuracy, and even mindset.


Thus, these are the three best tools that can help you to learn and master your typing speed. Typing is a very important and useful thing, and today’s world is highly dependent on computers, whether you’re in IT, or any of the desk related jobs, or even if you happen to be a content writer, and so on, typing plays a very crucial role in all of them. With the help of the above-mentioned tools, you can boost your typing speed and type without having the need to look in your keyboard, only if you practice very hard with complete dedication.