11 Best Free Android News Apps for 2020 in India

All of us are very well aware of the fact that there are a plethora of apps in the Android world, and all of us are crazy about them. No doubt we all have our priorities and according to those, we install and use the apps. So, today, in this very article, I have included some of the best news apps for you. So, if you are also a news fanatic, then you should go through this article once.

Google News

This best news app on Andoird is from none other than Google itself, so it does have amazing things to offer to you all. It has all small and big news packed in it for all of you to view. You will get the breaking news and all the headlines from the national and international level in it, and it is the best way to kick start your day. Science, Sports, Fashion, Sports, Bollywood, Hollywood, etc are some of the many important topics that it covers., and you can browse the news as per your choice. Furthermore, it also understands all the areas of your interests automatically after a few days usage, and afterward, it will show you news relevant to the area of your interest. Even if you happen to be on a slow connection, then also you can use this app and continue to go through all the relevant news articles. When it comes to the interface, it is friendly and simple to use, and most probably, you will not be having any issues against the same.

Google News Android 2020

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Dailyhunt – 100% Indian app for News and Videos

It is a made in India app for you, so you can have a smile on your face. First of all, it supports many regional languages as well, along with the usual English, and yes also Hindi, so you are most likely to find your favorite or local language here. One of the most astonishing things about this app is that you can create your own profile in it and then post your content and then share it with masses. Now, coming to the point, one this best news curated app in India you will get news of numerous famous categories, ranging from – Movies, Politics, Defence, Sports, Employment, Gossip, etc. You can also read through articles of various editors and publishers and then react accordingly. Moreover, you will get all the breaking news, all the small and big happenings across the globe in it.

Dailyhunt 100 Indian app for News and Videos

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Inshorts – 60 words News summary

This is one of the most famous and sought out news apps out there. It supports both English and Hindi language, so you can read the news in the language of your choice. As the name suggests, all the news is arranged in less than sixty words in this very app. So, you get all the headlines, small and big news in a short and summarized form. Now, this is going to be beneficial for all those people who just don’t like to go through big news articles or those who happen to be too busy to go through them.

It serves multiple purposes, not only will you be able to know about all the happenings across the globe, but you will also develop the habit of reading, and last but not least, accordion to me, reading is perhaps the best way to learn and enhance English language, so you can also learn or further improve your English with the help of this beautiful app. It comes loaded with a wide variety of news ranging from various fields, like – Politics, Entertainment, Business, National, International, Sports, and so on. Last but not least, it is one of the best means to improve your English, and also gather all the essential current affairs which can help you in your dream of cracking a government exam if you happen to be preparing for one.

Inshorts best news app 2020

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The Hindu

One of the oldest Newspapers in India started back in 1878 and still going on by providing genuine news. It is an English News app and that app keeps you updated on politics, business, cricket, football, Bollywood, science, technology, environment, art, literature, and more. You can also tap into expert comments and news analysis in our Editorials & Opinion section. Furthermore, you can rely on The Hindu app for live updates, breaking news updates, latest news, current news, and analysis, trending stories, events, live scores, and more on it easy to navigate interface.

The Hindu news app 2020 min

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HT Epaper -Hindustan Times

One of the popular Indian Newspapers is here with its app. Well, if you like the news telecast and enjoy watching this channel, then you are also going to like this app version of the same. You can view the live telecast of the news channel via this app, and watch all your favorite shows hosted by this news channel. You can start your day with breaking news from both national and international levels. You can also share all the news with your near and dear ones via various social media platforms, like – FaceBook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. 

Hindustan times

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The Economic Times: Sensex, Market, and Business News

This mews app is perfect for those who are involved in the stock market or happen to be a budding entrepreneur or a businessman. You are sure to find all the big and small happenings of the business world in this very app of both national and foreign levels. If you happen to be a stock market guy or the one who wants to become like Warren Buffet, then also, this app is going to prove beneficial for you. Not only are going to get recent news regarding the same, but also many tips and ideas. NSE, BSE, Sensex, Nifty, Finance, Industries, and much more, you name it and it has got them all. 

Economic Times 2020

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Bloomberg: Market and Financial News

One more strong contender on our list, let us check it out. Do you want to remain updated with the global business news and all the stuff that is happening in the business world? Then this app is going to be quite helpful for you. The interface is friendly and simple and you can also customize it to a good extent. Stock Markets, Finance, Industries, and much more. It provides you with a wide coverage of news from the business world and you can fill the treasures of your knowledge with the help of this app and gain a lot of vital information. Not only business, but this app also offers you news related to Technology, Politics, and all the trending headlines.


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Bleacher Report

If you are a lot into the sports world, then this app is one of the things made for you. It provides you with all the little too big details of almost all the things that are prevailing in the sports world. You will get in-depth and accurate information regarding the players, matches, team details, scorecards, and a lot more stuff. You can browse through all the vital articles covering all the small and big happenings and then go through them all. You can remain assured that most probably, you are going to find your favorite sports here and then remain hooked to all the news related to it. It also carries all the vital information regarding the franchises and clubs of all the sports leagues.

Bleacher Report sports news min

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theScore: Live Sports Scores, Stats, and Videos

This popular Android app helps you to stay tuned and updated with your favorite sport and gather all the little too big details regarding the same. It showcases every detail related to all the matches of your favorite sports right from the beginning to the end. Furthermore, you will also get a deep analysis of all the matches and also review the performance of your favorite sports star. It provides coverage of all the big sports of the globe, including – Golf, Basketball, Tennis, Wrestling, Hockey, Football, and many more. It also comes packed with many sporting teams of various sports, so you can also remain in touch with all of them and increase your knowledge and information in them.


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Aaj Tak Live TV News – Latest Hindi India News App

One of the most popular and favorite news channel apps is here to blow your mind. No doubt that Aaj Tak is one of the most sought out news channels and has many viewers, so if you also happen to be one of those viewers, then this app is sure to attract you. One of the good and vibrant features of this app is that you can watch the live telecast of your favorite news channel via this platform. Furthermore, as the name suggests, the news content of this app is available in the Hindi language. You are all set to be mauled by breaking news, trending news, national news, international news, entertainment news, Politics, and a lot more. 

Aaj Tak Live Android app

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BBC News

This app has a lot to offer to you. It analyses your area of interest after a few usages and then displays you all the news from the domain of your interest on the very first page as soon as you open this app afterward. One of the mention-worthy features of this app is that it comes loaded with an in-built Live BBC World Service Radio having a 24*7 coverage so you can also go through all the important news while this radio keeps on running in the background. It has got news coverage form a vast category and it also has all the smalls and big daily news for you, so it is a cool way to kick start your day with it.

BBC Android 

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Thus, these are the ten best and popular news apps for Android in 2020. If you were willing to have one such app but were confused due to a lot of options, then I hope that this article is the endpoint of all your confusions. I would request and recommend that all people should try to install a news app in their gadget and then go through it whenever you guys get time. Therefore, this was all for this article, I feel and hope that this was beneficial for you all.

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