6 Useful free Android Apps for Kids to learn new things

There are a lot of apps that are not suitable for the kids but again there are also some of the apps that are indeed very beneficial for your kids, definitely, if they are used in a proper way and under careful inspection. So, today, I have come up with this article in which I have included some of the best apps for kids, which can indeed prove to be amazing for your small child. And yes, now, without any further talk and debate, let me quickly get into the discussion.

Math Kids

I know that most of the children do not like mathematics and always try to move away from it. But, what if maths is placed in front of your kids in the form of fantastic and interesting games that will not only educate them but also entertain them, well, then they are surely going to love it. It is basically designed for nursery, kindergarten, and first grade small and innocent kids. It comes loaded with a lot of useful stuff, like – counting, comparing, puzzles, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and a lot of quizzes to test all that your kids have learned. Overall, it is a very fun-filled learning experience that your children are going to love a lot.

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YouTube Kids

One of the most favorite and popular social media video streaming platforms of billions is here with a special app oriented for kids. This is going to be a safe and exciting journey for all the kids out there. Albeit, you must monitor and inspect your child in the whole process, first of all, you can create up to eight profiles, and I hope all you must be having less than eight children in your home. In each and every profile, you can customize all that you want your kid to watch or learn and always have its remote control in your hands. All the things that your child will be watching in it would be nothing but handpicked items by you, so it is going to be an awesome journey for both you and your offspring. It comes back with almost everything from fun to learning, so just pick the right things and block those stuff which you do not like, and then get ready to shape the future of your little one.

YouTube Kids

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ABC Kids- Tracing and Phonics

Well, I know that making small nursery or kindergarten kids learn A, B, C, and so on is not a very easy task. But, now, you do not need to take the headache for the same, as this app will do this job of yours. And believe me, that this app will make the learning a path full of adventures and fun. As it boasts a series of games, which make use of the best possible graphics to allow your champ to grasp everything in his/her mind. All these games Children will get to know about the shape of each and every letter, each letter is pronounced with a clear and loud voice and each letter is associated with a particular word so that it is a kind of animation formed in the mind of a child, and if he/she watches it frequently, then your kid is sure to remember this in no time.

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Piano Kids- Music and Songs

We know that all work and no play makes jack dull, so there should be some dose of entertainment. This app has cool musical games and your little heroes are sure to like them. Moreover, the interface is also very vibrant and designed to attract anyone who views it. It comes packed with four modes, namely – Play, Songs, Instruments, and Sounds.

Your child can enjoy a lot of musical instruments like – drum, guitar, trumpet, saxophone, flute, piano, etc. While using it, your little start will not only learn and improve his skills and talent in music, but at the same time, he/she will also increase his/her concentration power, memory, imagination, creative thinking, and much more. And not only your kid, but you can also enjoy this app along with him/her and learn a lot of new things and have very nice family time together making precious memories.

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Kids Doodle- Color and Draw Free Game

Kids Doodle is one of the best drawing gaming apps in the virtual world. With over twenty-four types of crazy and handsome brushes, your little painters will enjoy drawing more than ever before. Fireworks, Neon, Crayon, Glow, etc are some of those brushes. It gives the liberty to children to draw whatever comes in their minds, and it also increases the creative and imaginative power of kids in a lot of ways.

One of the most astonishing features of this app is that after the drawing is complete, you can play it as a type of short film or animation, and it will look indeed superb as the mind-blowing creativity of your child comes alive. Furthermore, the in-built gallery stores all those precious, priceless drawings made by your child. The tiny size of 4.20 MB just adds fuel to fire and makes this app a must-have for all of you.

Kids Doodle Color Draw Free Game

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Kids Puzzles

It is one more beauty for all the kids out there. Kids Puzzles is also a kind of educational game for children, and it instills education in the mind of your children in a funny way. It comprises a puzzle, where children will have the task to join the jumbles in the correct order and it will form an animal, and once it is successfully implemented, then there will be the sound of that particular animal, balloons, victorious music, and a lot of celebration for your success. So, in simple words, this game is not only entertaining your kids, but also testing their skills, and even improving them and developing a lot of new seeds of talent, thinking, etc in the minds of your kids.

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Thus, these are the six best apps for kids, and you must try out the same for your children. All these apps are indeed going to help you out in bringing the best out of your kids and even improving and developing new interests in them. But yes, do limit the time for which they are using these apps, and it is also your duty to carefully guard and monitor them while they are using any of the digital world related stuff.

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