How to Hard Reset ZTE Nubia Z5, Z7, Z17,Z17 Mini, Z11,N1,N2 Z7 Mini, M2Lite

Smartphone Hard Reset may be you need time especially when you have Android Smartphone that becomes freezing, slow, not responding or forget your phone’s password.  Nubia smartphones are phones from the ZTE Chinese multinational brand. So if you have a Nubia handset then today we are going to tell you, how to Hard Reset ZTE Nubia smartphones also known as an alternate reset, on the device.

Note: Please take a backup of your Nubia smartphone before performing the hard reset on the device. 

We are going to show four methods to Hard Reset ZTE Nubia devices and the process supported by almost all the models of Nubia, few of them are Nubia Z17, Nubia Z7, Nubia Z17s, Nubia N1, Nubia M2lite, Nubia Z11 Minis, Nubia Z11 Max, Nubia Z11 Mini, Nubia N2 Nubia Z5. If you are not able to the factory data reset options through the settings in Nubia then you can still perform a factory reset on your Nubia  Android Smartphone and here will show you how to do that. For this tutorial, we are using the ZTE Nubia M2lite.

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Hard Reset ZTE Nubia -First method: Hard reset

Step 1: Hold the Power button of the ZTE Nubia M2lite, a couple of seconds to switch it off.

Step 2: After successfully shutting down or powered off the phone, now power on it by holding  Volume Up + Power key together for a few seconds.

Step 3: The phone will on and the Boot Mode will show immediately release all the keys.

Step 4: Now by using select the Recovery option by using the Volume Up and press Volume Down button to select it.

How to hard reset ZTE Nubia recovery mode

Step 5: The Phone will show the Recovery Menu.

hard reset ZTE Nubia Z5

Step 6: Now using the Volume buttons select “wipe data/factory reset” and tap the Power button to select.

hard reset ZTE Nubia smartphones

Step 7: In this step select “Wipe All Applications” using Volume keys and after that confirm it using the Power button. Repeat this step and second time select the “Wipe Cache Partition” and wipe it too.

How to hard reset ZTE Nubia smartphones

Step 8: Nowreboot system now” using Power rocker by holding it for few seconds.

That’s all hard reset is complete and you are good to go…

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Hard ZTE Nubia Second method: Factory data reset

  1.  If you have access to the phone menu, then open the phone Menu and choose Settings.
  2. Under the settings select Backup&Reset and tap Factory data reset.
  3. Select Reset phone and select Erase everything.