ZTE Nubia M2Lite Review (NX573J ): A Stylish Selfie Smartphone With Average Performance

The ZTE Nubia is another Chineses company that want a good foothold in the smartphone market but it would be a little bit difficult for them. The phones they have launched so far were a good combination of specs and looks. We had reviewed the ZTE Nubia N1 (NX541J ) which was dedicated to people’s those want a big 5000mAh battery smartphone. But this time with Nubia M2lite the company shifted its focus little bit towards the selfie. The ZTE Nubia M2Lite smartphone, priced at Rs 13,999 in India and $217.16 globally, let’s see whether it can complete with some other brands coming at the same price or not. Official Nubia M2lite website Link.

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What do you get in the ZTE Nubia M2Lite Box?

The ZTE Nubia M2Lite comes in two colors: Silver and Gold. After unboxing ZTE Nubia M2Lite, what we got inside the box is as follow:

  • ZTE Nubia M2Lite Handset
  • ZTE Nubia M2Lite 3000mAh Battery(Non-removable)
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Charger
  • Quick Start Guide
  • SIM Tray Ejector
  • Warranty Card

ZTE Nubia M2Lite Design Review: Gold Finish Stylish Metal body and Slab Design

The best thing is about this smartphone is its design which is stylish and ergonomic. The gold plated borders around the phone and metal body give you an aura of some premium smartphone.  The back side of the phone has the matte finish that prone to smudges.  The power button is on the right side and volume buttons placed on the left side of the phone to avoid confusion. The Nubia M2Lite front has long bezels give a too wide and stylish look to the phone. Aso, the body of the phone is too much slippery and can easily fall from the hand in several conditions such as dry hands or taking out the phone from a pocket in hurry. The home button at the front also works as fingerprint sensor just like Oneplus 3. The fingerprint sensor is fast but little bit less accurate.

ZTE Nubia M2lite NX573JNubia M2 lite backZTE Nubia M2lite review

ZTE Nubia M2Lite Display Review: Big screen but low resolution

Nubia M2Lite Battery Review

The Display of M2lite is 5.5-inch screen has a resolution of just 1,280x720p. The HD resolution becomes the lower side of the big display smartphone, if you compare the phone with Redmi Note 4 then the display of the M2lite is seems washed out. Because the Redmi Note 4 in the same price bracket offers a higher resolution of 1,920×1,080p on a 5.5-inch screen. But still, the display is good while doing the normal tasks but you can notice the difference between Redmi Note 4 and M2Lite while games and movies. The software of Nubia M2lite also has an option to tweak color saturation and hue of the display. Overall the display quality is above average.

Nubia M2 Lite Screen Display preferences

nubia m2lite display


ZTE Nubia M2Lite Software Review: Old Version of Android and Nubia’s Custom UI

The Android Nougat is the latest Android OS version but the M2Lite runs on Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) with Nubia UI v 4.0 over it. The UI of Nubia comes with lots of hidden gestures and features. The hidden features and gestures control allow you perform the different operation such as swiping both fingers at the edge of the display will low or high the brightness, repeatedly swiping the edge will clear background apps and free up space. But in our view, this can’t prove too much useful and attract the buyers. The software also has dual instance feature like almost all the Nubia’s smartphones have, this app allows to run the two instances of the same application. For example two WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook.  Overall the OS is smooth but little bit sluggish, moreover, we can’t comment on the old Android version because still in the market most of the phones using the Marshmallow even the Redmi Note 4.

ZTE Nubia M2Lite Software Interface

nubia m2lite benchmark OS

ZTE Nubia M2Lite Edge Gestures

Nubia M2lite edge gesturesNubia M2lite edge gestures features

Nubia M2lite Multiscreen feature and Notification Center

Nubia M2lite multi screennubia m2lite notifications

ZTE Nubia M2Lite Performance Review: Average Performer

The M2 Lite seems like a budget smartphone when it comes to hardware configuration although it is a mid range phone. The M2Lite hardware specification is:  it runs on MediaTek’s entry-level MT 6750 octa-core chip coupled with 4GB RAM. While testing the Nubia M2 Lite smartphone we didn’t find any lag during gameplay or watching the video. But the phone is not much snappy,  it takes a while to open an app as compared to normal app trigger time.  For storage, the M2 Lite has a 32GB internal memory that can be upgraded to 128GB via hybrid Nano-SIM card tray.  In the case of Redmi Note 4, it offers 64Gb storage but it also has hybrid SIM card tray but at least in Redmi you are getting extra 32 GB.

Moreover, the Redmi Note 4 has more battery efficient Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 octa-core chip with 4GB RAM. Also if you talk about battery it has 4,100mAh battery which lasts longer than M2 Lite’s 3,000mAh battery.

Nubia M2lite Benchmark scores

ZTE Nubia M2 Lite 3DMark Benchmark Score

nubia m2lite benchmark 3dmark

ZTE Nubia M2 Lite Antutu Benchmark Score

nubia m2lite benchmark

ZTE Nubia M2 Lite Quadrant Benchmark Score

ZTE Nubia M2 Lite Quadrant benchmark score

Nubia M2Lite Camera review: Impressive in Good Light condition and Best for selfie fans

Nubia M2 lite camera test

The camera of Nubia M2Lite has much better detail if you compared it to the Redmi Note 4. It houses 13-megapixel primary camera that gives impressive pictures under bright light along with good detailing and color reproduction. The indoor and low light shots also not so bad. Beside the good camera quality, the M2Lite camera app comes with plethora cool camera modes such as pretty mode, multi-exposure, slow shutter, star trail, time lapse, macro, manual and slow motion. At this price point, such camera features are not available in the phones sharing the same price category. The 16-megapixel front selfie camera can support wide angle shots and also beautifully enhance the selfie both in outdoor and indoor light conditions. Also, the front camera comes with front LED and display flash but that not seems to be much effective even in totally dark environment. So, if you are selfie freak then you don’t need to worry after buying this phone.

Nubia M2Lite Camera App Modes

nubia m2lite camera fetaures

 ZTE Nubia M2Lite Camera Samples Daylight and Low Light

ZTE Nubia M2lite Camera samples day light testZTE Nubia M2lite Camera samples test in daylightZTE Nubia M2lite Camera samples low lightZTE Nubia M2lite Camera samples testZTE Nubia M2lite Camera samples


Nubia M2Lite Battery Review: Approx 8 hours backup

The Nubia M2 Lite packed with 3,000mAh  battery. We test the battery of M2lite by playing several games about 50 minutes, few rear camera shots, 10-12 phone calls around 1-3 minutes each, lots of social networking and texts, and Youtube streaming more than an hour and we got approximately 9 hours backup on a single charge. In our continuous video loop at full brightness, it gives a juice of 7 hours 2 minutes backup


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ZTE Nubia M2 Lite Review Synopsis

ZTE Nubia M2 Lite is no doubt a stylish phone that gives you a feel of some premium flagship but you are not going to buy a phone on the basis of looks. This Mid-segment budget smartphone really misses out some key features as compared to its close competitor Redmi Note 4. The Redmi Note 4 is better than Nubia M2Lite in terms of display, storage, performance and battery backup. Also, it comes at Rs 1000 less than the Nubia M2 Lite.


  • Stylish Metal-Look


  • Average camera
  • Average performance
  •  Slippery and can fall from the hand easily