How and Where to Find All 20 Bobbleheads in Fallout 4

Fallout 4 was released in 2015, but as an ever-green role-playing game, it is still a hugely played game around the world on all the major gaming platforms. Though the game is Five years old, finding the Finding all the bobbleheads throughout the maps is a challenging task to do. There are many players who completed the campaign more than one time but they never managed to find all the 20 bobbleheads. In this article, I will guide you about all the location where you would find the bobbleheads, yes all of them.

Why finding bobbleheads items are so difficult

Fallout 4 contains a huge number of side quests and many collectables in order to make those quests interesting along with an engaging story. The game also features a responsive and first paced FPS combat experience. It contains seriously a phenomenal amount of exploration in the map and a really long list of side quests to enjoy with. The map is so huge and detailed and contains so much discoverable item and locations that the map exploration itself takes more than double time to complete the campaign mode itself. If you presume to complete all the side quest then you may feel the game is a never-ending one.

Why should we collect all the bobblehead items?

Among all those collectables one of the most popular is the powerful bobblehead items. There are in total 20 Bobblehead items are there in the game. Using the Bobbleheads you can do powerful boosts in your skill statistics. Now the case is, finding all the bobbleheads are quite difficult even for the veteran players, so just follow this guide in order to find all the bobbleheads in no time.

Go through the list of locations below along with the name of the Bobbleheads:

• Strength Bobblehead

You will find this one inside the Mass Fusion Building. Look for the same in the second floor of the building over top of the main lobby. You will find the bobblehead hanging over top of a metal structure of the desk inside the main lobby itself.

• Sneak Bobblehead

To find the Sneak bobblehead you have to go to the Dunwich Borers. In this landmark look for the sign of “Area 4”. You can find the Bobblehead on a desk at the left side of the sign.

• Small Guns Bobblehead

You can find this one in Gunners Plaza. Just go to the broadcaster’s room in the Gunner’s Plaza. Here look for the desk at the centre of the room and you will find the bobblehead on that desk.

• Unarmed Bobblehead

Now go to the Atoms Cats Garage in order to find the Unarmed Bobblehead. While at the location, locate the main garage where you will find a parked rusted car. You will find the bobblehead is placed on the hood of that car.

• Science Bobblehead

This one is located in Malden Middle School secret Vault Facility. You have to go to the diner facility which is located in the third level of the basement. There you can find the bobblehead on top of a table in the diner area.

• Repair Bobblehead

You can find this bobblehead at the Corvega Assembly Plant. In order to locate this bobblehead, go to the outside walkway of the plant, you can find that this walkway is hanging outside the building, keep walking south on the path and you will find the bobblehead at the edge of the walkway.

• Perception Bobblehead

This one is at the Museum of Freedom. This item is actually in the same room where you met Preston, which is above the main front doors of the building itself. Simply go to the room and find the bobblehead which is lying on the desk beside the computer in the room.

• Melee Bobblehead

Go to the top of Trinity Tower, go inside the room in where Rex and Strong are held. You can find the bobblehead placed on a workbench just beside two red toolboxes.

• Endurance Bobblehead

This one is lying on the Poseidon Energy’s central metal hut. Just go inside the hut and locate the bobblehead on a metal desk, as simple as that.

• Medicine Bobblehead

To find this one you have to go to the Vault 81 and also this one is a little tricky to find. The bobblehead is hidden in the southeastern corner of the building inside the Curie’s office. You can find the bobblehead on a desk beside the computer. Also, you will be needing to pay 3 fusion cores to the overseer, so go prepared.

• Speech Bobblehead

This one is easy to find, just go to the overseer’s office at the Park Street Station. There in the room where Raiders hold nick valentine as a hostage, you can find this one in the same room, at the desk in the middle of the room.

• Lock Picking Bobblehead

Go to the Pickman’s Gallery and locate the brick pillar in the same room where you met Pickman. Look at the right side of the burning trashcan.

• Energy Weapon Bobblehead

This one is a powerful one and can be collected by going to the Fort Hagen. Once you are there go to the room where you will face the battle with Kellog. From there head to the Command Center and keep walking southwest to locate the kitchen. There you can find the bobblehead placed between two refrigerators on top of a small table.

• Charisma Bobblehead

This one can be located at the Jack Cabot’s office, which is in the Parsons State Insane Asylum. Go to the office and find the bobblehead placed on Jack’s desk.

• Big Guns Bobblehead

To locate this one, go to the most northern room in the living quarters of the Vault 95. In that room, you can find a radio and the bobblehead is placed on top of that. The radio is placed at the front of the couch in the room.

• Explosives Bobblehead

This item is hidden in the Saugus Ironworks. Go to the blast furnace area where you will find a steamer trunk, and the bobblehead is hidden inside that trunk.

• Barter Bobblehead

Go to Longneck Lukowski’s Cannery, now go inside and head to the upper level, keep walking towards the most northwestern corner. There you would locate a shack, where there are many computers and the bobblehead is placed on top.

• Intelligence Bobblehead

At the Boston Public Library inside the Mechanical room, you can find the Intelligence bobblehead. You can locate this room which as at the northwest corner of the library building. In that room, the bobblehead is placed on top of a computer.

• Agility Bobblehead

To find this bobblehead go to the Wreck of the FMS Northern Star landmark. Find the broken ship and head towards its bow. Keep looking on the plank, the bobblehead is simply placed there.

• Luck Bobblehead

Go to the Spectacle Island, and look for a green boat which is found on the island and head inside. Locate the steamer trunk and beside the trunk, there is a set of lockers. The bobblehead is hidden within that locker.

Hope, you find this article helpful, keep gaming and enjoy.