How to Obtain the Bastion Exotic Fusion Rifle in Destiny 2

Among the Destiny 2 players, there is a big question about the unlockable Exotic Fusion Rifle. In this article, I will be giving out the instructions on how to unlock the Exotic Fusion Rifle in Destiny 2 and what are the capabilities of that weapon.

What is Bastion in destiny 2

Destiny 2 has been one of those games which are packed with a load of mysteries within it from the release date. Destiny 2 was launched in Q4, 2017 but even till date, there are a huge number of active players in the game who do play the game regularly and do face the problems related to unlocking those well-guarded miseries in the game. Among all those try-hard mysteries one of the most popular is the Corridors of Time. In this mystery, a giant labyrinth would challenge the players to escape a maze by solving a puzzle of symbols attached to different hallways. While playing this puzzle there is another hidden special item within the puzzle itself which will trigger a new quest called Momento, if you manage to found that item. If you complete the quest called Momento you would be rewarded with a brand-new Exotic Fusion Rifle named Bastion.
What is Bastion fusion rifle in destiny

Chronology to followed for Bastion Rifle

  • First, the players have to complete the Corridors of Time in order to access the Momento quest.
  • But solving the puzzle of Corridors of Time was quite difficult, so the present distributor of Destiny 2, the Bungie Publication released the solution of that puzzle at the community page. The solution is listed below, follow the solution in order to complete the Corridors of Time. The solution is a list of symbols in the perfect order, and here it is;

Clover – Diamond – Snake – Clover – Plus – Plus – Hex – Hex – Hex – Plus – Diamond – Plus –

Snake – Diamond – Clover – Snake – Plus – Plus – Snake – Snake – Hex – Diamond – Clover –

Plus – Diamond – Hex – Hex – Diamond – Plus – Diamond

  • Though you have to study the map of the maze within the quest itself so that you can understand where you are going. Then it is just a simple task to complete the puzzle, and at the end, you’ll receive a special item which would be used to unlock the special Momento quest from Saint-14.
  • Now after completing the Corridors of Time and collecting special reward item, the players have to go to the Saint-14 and have to accept the quest Momento from there. After accepting the quest, he will have to acquire five Fallen intel from five Fallen Captains and Servitors. To do that the player has to go to the Thieves’ Landing on the Tangled Shore.
  • Now you have to travel to the Hallowed Lair Strike and then you have to head towards the path where the group of enemies awaits. A Fallen Captain always spawns here with that group of enemies. Once defeated the group and the Captain loot the intel, run out of Thieves’ Landing and then give it some time in order to respawn the Captain. After 10-15 minutes a fallen Captain would respawn there again and you can go there again in order to defeat him. Keep doing this until you have five intel from five Fallen Captains.
  • Once you are done with collecting the five intel then you have to speak with Spider in Destiny 2. The spider will grant you a mission where you would be sent to the Empty Tank Lost Sector in the Thieves’ Landing to assassinate an enemy called Aksiniks, Bound by Honor.
  • Once you defeated the Aksiniks, then you have to come back to Spider and you have to talk to him again.
  • Now the third part of the Momento quest would begin, which consists the most grinding part in this quest. You would be required to do a large number of Public Events, kills, and bounties, as per the list below;
  • Complete 8 Public Events
  • Kill 30 challenging enemies
  • Complete 10 Spider bounties.

Also remember there are many challenging Enemies who will be spawning throughout various public events, so two birds can be killed with one stone here.

  • Once the above requirements are fulfilled, then begins the fourth part of the Momento Quest, where you have to head towards the Four-Horn Gulch in the Tangled Shore and enter the lost sector called Trapper’s Cave.
  • In that cave, the player has to look for a grave located by the base of the waterfall inside the Trapper’s Cave. You will find the grave itself is a little blue mist emanating from beneath the ground. There you have to interact with it and have to accept one final mission which is killing Reysk, the Waning Light.
  • Reysk is actually a boss inside of the special version of the Hallowed Lair strike. You have to kill Reysk before finish the strike or you’ll have to start all over for sake of Bastian Rifle.
  • After defeating Reysk, you have to head back to the Saint-14 and there you can collect the Exotic Fusion Rifle, Bastion.

Why you should grind for the Bastion Fusion Rifle and What are the perks of the Bastion fusion Rifle?

  • Bastion is a very good powerhouse as a Fusion Rifle and it would take the primary slot in your inventory for sure.
  • Bastion features all the features of Hammer-Forged Rifling, Liquid coils, Composite Stock, Breakthrough, Saint’s Fists.
  • Saint’s Fist enables the player to charge a powerful shot with three spreads of Kinetic slugs, while the Breakthrough feature would lead a decent amount of the damage through the elemental shields.
  • Bastion is a powerful rifle, but not a game-changer or very much over-powered rifle. But surely one of the strongest weapons to be on your arsenal, with various tactical abilities. Now it depends on your gameplay, that how good you can use the Bastian Rifle.