• How to restart Webmin on Ubuntu, Centos or any other Linux

    We already have done a couple of tutorials on Webmin in which we guided how to install and use the Webmin on Ubuntu and Centos. For those don’t know about the Webmin, it is a web-based application for Unix based system to remotely or locally control servers through web management. It allows to manage and control different web services installed on servers such as Apache server, DNS and a lot more… You can consider it as a free and open source alternative to paid applications such as CPanel and Plex, especially when you use the Webmin with one more open source software called Virtualmin, developed by the same Webmin developers to extend the capabilities of the software. And after installing the Webmin; if you are in a situation and looking for a way to restart Webmin then this tutorial is for you.

    To restart Webmin use the commands given below:

    First, open the Command terminal on Ubuntu, Centos or any other Linux version. Or any other SSH Terminal you are using connect the Webmin installed server. And then execute below commands according to your requirement:

    To stop the server

    sudo /etc/webmin/stop

    To start the server:

    sudo /etc/webmin/start

    Just to restart you can also use:

    sudo /etc/webmin/restart


    sudo  /etc/init.d/webmin restart

    restart webmin on ubuntu or centos

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