10 Best Webmin Alternative tools for Ubuntu or Linux Servers

Webmin is a free web-based software platform meant to manage Linux servers and their services. It is distributed under a free license thus, anybody can use it without paying any cost. Here we will find some best alternatives to Webmin for Ubuntu, CentOS, RHEL, Rocky Linux, AlmaLinux, and other Server distros.

What is Webmin?

It is a tool with which you can easily manage, coordinate, and control almost all services (server processes, daemons ) in a Unix system. It is module-based and tons of management modules can be easily reloaded.

Thanks to its simple front-end fluent web interface that only requires the Perl interpreter to run, which is installed by default with the operating system in the “/usr/bin/” directory. The work is then done by CGI scripts that are called up with a common web browser.

Webmin simplifies the administration of Linux services, and provides an overview of key things in one place, further, you can work in the terminal as well. Also, working with Webmin, you don’t need root rights. Only rights for the package that you want to administer are required. For example, an admin could be given the right to manage a DNS server that would require root rights configured in the terminal.

Best Webmin Alternatives – Free and Open source

1. CyberPanel with OpenSpeedLite

CyberPanel is one of the best Webmin alternatives to manage web servers running on Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 20.04, or RPM (Centos 7.x, Centos 8.x/Rocky or ALamLinux).  It is a good option for those who want to start with OpenSpeedLite out of the box instead of Apache as a web server.  A user can host unlimited websites with multiple PHP options, QUIC, and free cache plugins. Apart from the free one, the developers also offer the CyberPanel ENT version that comes with LiteSpeed Web Server Enterprise and is free for 1 domain, if you want to use it for more then you have to pay.

CyberPanel Web hosting alterantive to Webmin for Ubuntu

Key Features:

  • Lightweight DNS Server supports A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, TXT, SPF SOA, and SRV records.
  • Inbuilt Rainloop webmail to send and receive emails
  • Supports Command Line Interface
  • Database management
  • Google Drive Backups
  • Offers multiple PHP versions
  • Create and manage unlimited websites
  • OpenLiteSpeed with server-side LSCache module is available with Cyberpanel

Website LinkCyberpanel.net/cyberpanel-with-openlitespeed

2. CloudPanel- Webmin Alternative

Next is lightweight CloudPanel, users looking for a Webmin alternative & an open-source platform for managing their web server but with a sleek and minimalistic approach interface will like this. As now even a common blogger or beginner developer switching to Cloud servers, for them this will help to manage and control PHP-based web applications such as WordPress. It officially supports AWS, DigitalOcean, Google Cloud, and Azure.

CloudPanel Webmin Alternative min

Key features:

  • Supports NGINX, PHP-FPM, and MySQL
  • Avails Free SSL Certificates for all domains with one click
  • Provides Cloud Functionalities for all common clouds
  • Users can enable Two-Factor Authentication for extra security
  • Offer a Command Line interface for backing up and restoring databases, and other functions.
  • Out of the box with multiple PHP-Versions
  • Sleek and easy-to-understand interface; no clutter
  • License type- Free & Open Source
  • Supported OS- Debian only

Website link–  cloudpanel.io and learn how to install it on Debian.

3. AApanel

AApanel is a free and open-source alternative to Webmin that can be installed on Ubuntu 20.04/18.04 or earlier versions including RPM-based such as CentOS while writing this article. It allows the easy management of web services such as Apache/ Nginx, PHP, Database, Docker, FTP, Python, manages accounts on a web server, and more. Extensions are available to extend the features.

AApanel Webmin alternative opensource min

Key Features:

  • Modern interface
  • App store- Extension available to expand  control panel capabilities
  • Manage Databases and web services
  • Inbuilt Docker provision to create containers
  • Lightweight
  • Firewall management
  • Control Cron jobs
  • Server Monitor

Website link-  www.aapanel.com

4. Ajenti: Webmin alternative available for Ubuntu

Ajenti is another lightweight software to replace Webmin that can work with 30MB RAM and 75 MB storage space. The server operating systems it supports are Debian, Ubuntu, RHEL, CentOS, and Gentoo. Remote access is much faster relatively. It comes with a few pre-installed tools such as a text editor, code manager, terminal, and file manager. Out of the box, Ajenti supports the HTTP/1.1 web server with SSL.

Ajenti Webmin alternative for Ubuntu server min

Key Features:

  • Modular interface
  • Out-of-box SSL support
  • Firewall, Email, Database & DNS management
  • File Manager
  • Mirrors and Clusters configuration
  • Web and email domain management
  • Virtual servers management
  • Extend features with plugins

Website linkAjenti.org

5. CentOS Web Panel

CentOS Web Panel is a full-fledged and best open-source alternative to Webmin and for WHM CPanel as well. However, it is only available for CentOS to install. CWP was developed to manage dedicated and Virtual servers (VPS).  This web control panel comes with multiple combinations of web servers such as Apache+Nginx, Nginx only, and Apache; also offers multiple PHP versions.  Softaculous Auto app Installer is there to install hundreds of different applications on the server.

CentOS Web Panel open source hosting panel min

Key Features:

  • FTP users and user storage Quota management
  • Several monitoring tools that include Netdata, Monit monitoring,
  • Live monitoring of MySQL processes
  • AI bot to monitor Server health
  • Cpanel to CWP Migrator
  • Postfix + Dovecot + RoundCube webmail (Antivirus, Spamassassin optional)
  • FreeDNS, DNS zone template editor, DNS Zone Manager, and more…
  • CSF Firewall, SSL generator, SSL Certificate Manager, AutoSSL
  • Auto-update, Backup manager, and  File Manager

Website link–  Control-webpanel.com and online demo

6. VestaCP

One more open-source web control panel in this list of Webmin alternative platforms is VestaCP. Features Softaculous to install more than 439 apps with one click. VestaCP comes with firewall iPTables or fail2ban. For the web server, it supports NGINX, Apache, PHP-fpm, and PHP. It also comes with monitoring tools such as Monit, Webalizer, AWStats, and RRDtool.

VestaCP to replace webmin

Key Features:

  • Monitors server including server stats, logs, analytics, etc.
  • Softculous
  • Web File Manager
  • FTP manager: VsFTPD, ProFTPD
  • CLI interface support
  • Backup and Cron jobs supported
  • Mail solution
  • DNS management
  • Database support for MySQL + phpMyAdmin and PostgreSQL + phpPgAdmin

Website LinkVestaCP and online demo

7. Virtualmin – Free & Open source

Virtualmin is one of the trustable free web hosting and cloud control panels because of the flexibility and better productive environment provided by it. The Virtualmin is written in Perl language and available in both free and professional versions. It also supports the two-way authentication system and the user can use the Google Authenticator app. Officially supported OS by the Virtualmin are CentOS/RHEL/ Debian/Ubuntu.

Virtualmin Free Open source min

Key Features:

  • Domain management
  • Manage mailboxes, forwarders, autoresponders, aliases, spam, and antivirus scanning
  • Comes with RoundCube, and SquirrelMail.
  • Access Control List is configurable
  • Two-factor authentication,
  • Certificate logins, brute force protection, and many other security features.
  • Disk Quota, File system Backup, Log File Retention
  • Bandwidth Monitoring
  • Alerts, Graphs, and Logs
  • Backups And Cloud Integration: Amazon S3 bucket, Backup Encryption keys, Backup logs, and more…
  • Database Management
  • Provides 100 web application installation scripts
  • Let manage the MIME Type program, PAM Authentication, Schedule commands & Cron jobs, Users, and Groups.

Website Link–  virtualmin.com 

8. Cloudron

If your top priority in using Webmin is just running & managing PHP-based web apps then Cloudron is a good option to replace Webmin, easily. Although Cloudron is a Paid platform but also offers a free plan that a user can use to install two Apps free of cost. Cloudron comes with the App Store from where you can install various applications with just one click without the need to go through Database setup and other processes, for example, WordPress, Joomla, and more.

Cloudron Cloud app soltuion to replace webmin min

Key Features:

  • Instantly installation of Apps
  • Auto Updates- security fixes within 24 hours for apps and the server
  • Central User Management with access control
  • Built-in Email ( automated DKIM, SPF, DMARC setup for reliable mail delivery) solution
  • Built-in Firewall
  • Allow storing encrypted backups to external storage like Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, and Digital Ocean Spaces.
  • Easy migration of apps across servers

Website link-  Cloudron.io

9. Foxolr as an alternative

Froxlor Server Management Panel is a lightweight open-source platform for Ubuntu, Debian, and Gentoo to manage a web hosting environment just like Webmin/Virtualmin. It is not vast in terms of features like Webmin, instead provides key functions that need to be managed for a web server.

Froxlor Server management platform min

Key Features

  • Multiple PHP-configuration
  • Support IPv4 and/or IPv6 addresses
  • Advanced SSL management
  • Directly support free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate
  • Traffic monitoring: Graphs for HTTP, FTP, and Mail traffic
  • Resellers & Customers: Dedicated customer panel.
  • MySQL management
  • Directory protection & settings
  • Quota management

Website Link: froxlor.org


1. What is the difference between Webmin and Virtualmin?

Virtualmin and Webmin are web-based computing applications for operating systems and web management, respectively. Virtualmin is based on Webmin and Webmin itself can be integrated as a module. Whereas, Webmin allows you to control and manage internal elements of the operating systems, including user accounts, file sharing, disk quotas, configuration files, domain name servers, and Apache web servers. Virtualmin was developed for use as a website control and hosting panel for virtual and physical domain and host management on the other hand.

2. Is Webmin like cPanel?

No, Webmin is not exactly like cPanel instead it is a Linux server control panel to manage various tasks for GUI or CLI servers at one place using the browser. Yes, we can say Virtualmin is more like cPanel to manage hosting and websites.

3. Is there a free alternative to cPanel or Webmin?

There are a couple of best cPanel free alternatives that provide shared or reseller hosting services.

  • Virtualmin + Webmin
  • CentOS web control
  • ISPConfig
  • VestaCP
  • InterWorx
  • Ajenti
  • Cyberpanel
  • Plesk
  • CloudPanel
  • Aapanel
  • Directadmin
  • Cloudron
  • OviPanel

4. Does Webmin need Apache?

No, Webmin comes with its web server called miniserv. pl, that is enough to make Webmin accessible through a web browser and make it perform all the necessary tasks. However, it is not memory efficient like Apache, thus if someone wants then he or she can replace it with Apache to run it.

5. Is Webmin open source?

No, Webmin is not an open-source software instead of uses BSD licenses that allow free distribution with minimal restrictions for source code and its binary.

6. What port does Webmin use?

By Default Webmin is configured to listen at port number 10000 for all requests coming from different IP-addresses. You may need to open the Webmin port in the system firewall after installing it on your Linux or Windows to access its web interface remotely.

Where are Webmin users stored?

The User database in Webmin is stored in /etc/webmin/miniserv.

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