Remove Snapd in Ubuntu 20.04 server – How To

ubuntu 20.04 server remove snapd

Snap is a package format that was mainly developed by Canonical and can be installed & used without conflicts alongside DEB packages from “normal” package management. Snap is also available for many other Linux distributions. The advantage of snaps is that current versions of application …

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How to install Snap Store on Linux Mint 20.1

Install Snap store on Linux Mint 20

By default snap is disabled on Linux Mint, however, we can enable and install a graphical app store to get various SNAP packages with just one click. Snap is a universal package manager that allows users to install software available in the Snapcraft repository on …

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How to install Snap Store GUI on CentOS 7 or 8 Linux

Snap Store on CentOS Linux

Snap is the universal package manager and software deployment platform that is available to install on almost all popular Linux platforms. It contains hundreds of popular open-source applications that can be installed using just one command of snap. Yes, command, however, all of us are …

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