Facebook and its Smart Home Speakers. Can it beat Home Pod, Echo and Google Home?

Facebook recently had its developer conference F8. A number of announcements were made. But will you spend some pennies for the Facebook’s smart home speakers? Oh sorry! Aloha or Fiona. It is the name, Facebook will call them with love. Sounds interesting! But when can we get those cute speaking bots by Facebook?

Facebook and its Smart Home Speakers

Conceptual image

Aloha and Fiona are all set to launch in July 2018. Previously it was scheduled to launch in May. But Facebook thought of doing some acoustic modifications and thus the delay. The Aloha was designed in the Facebook’s Building 8 lab for hardware. According to the reports, Aloha will be more sophisticated than Fiona. Why? There are reasons.

Aloha will offer another way to access the speaker. It is through the wide-angle lens in front of the device. Pretty interesting. Aloha will be marketed with the official name ‘Portal’. Don’t worry if you are a music lover. You can even enjoy that. Facebook had signed contracts with Sony and Universal Music to offer music to its users.

Smart home speakers is a trending product at present. All the leading companies are making their own at present. According to a market analysis, the sale of smart speakers will double up this year. Apple has launched its ‘Home Pod’. Amazon and its ‘Echo’. Google also has its own ‘Home’ and ‘Home Mini’. Let’s find whether Facebook’s Aloha and Fiona can make its space in the market. It can even wobble the world of Smart Home speakers to itself.

It is the data, which can improve the performance of smart home speakers. Facebook has a lot of data. The data can be a potential for an improved performance of Aloha and Fiona. Do you think Facebook’s smart home speakers can beat its counterparts! Though it will even depend on the price and availability.

What do you think about Facebook’s smart home speakers? Let me know about in the comment section down below.

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