Google Chrome Ad Blocker will Live on February 15

After metering the people usage of Ad-blocking extension, the Google has decided to provide a pre-installed ad blocker in their Chrome browser. As we know, Google’s huge chunk of revenue comes from the advertisement but still, it wants to make sure that the experince of the web user not be comprised.

The bloggers and website owners those are generating income using the advertisement not have to worry completely because the chrome’s ad blocker would not block all ads except the overlay, unpleasant and annoying ads.

Google will roll out this feature to Chrome browser on February 15th of 2018 and it will also block the google own ads unless and until the ads shown on a website doesn’t pass Google’s “Better Ads Standards”.

The viewer uses the Chrome will not see annoying ads such as full-page ads, unexpectedly play sound or video or flash ads.

Google Chrome Ad Blocker will Live on February 15


Website masters have to comply with Google’s Better Ads standards by keeping eye on Ad Experience report generated by the Google. If your website satisfies all the standard then ads will show as usual and if not, the Chrome will block them after measuring for 30 days.  A website owner can also request to start showing ads again but it will happen only after reviewing the Ad Experience Report.

Although this feature will help to enhance the user experience but on another hand, it will also increases the Google domination and controlling power over the web.