Google shopping feature on its search engine is finally here!

Google always keen to provide better search and to the point information through its search engine. In the direction of the same finally, Google has launched its shopping feature where the users can compare different products along with their prices.

Now the users don’t need to search so many websites to compare the prices of products like smartphone, wearables, cars, laptops etc. They just need to enter the product name and click on the Shopping tab or option given right below the Google search engine bar.

Google search shopping feature

It not only displays the different products but also their prices including other parameters to filter the products. For example, I have searched for a Samsung phone. When entered the Samsung phone it displayed all the Samsung phone fetched from a different e-commerce website.

So, not only the product results in the card form along with their prices will be shown but also on the left side one can filter them on the basis of Price, Storage, Operating system, Screen Size, Security features, Rear camera resolution, Screen resolution, Cellular network, Front camera resolution, Features and Sellers. In the Seller filter, all the top names are present such as Amazon, Croma, (depend on the product brand you search), Shoponn, Surf2get Retail and More those are offering that particular product or device online.

Shopping feature of Google

Google was working on this feature from very long time and finally, it is here to ease the life of consumer one more step ahead. So, go and try it out.

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