LaLiga has officially unveiled its OTT (over-the-top) service, LaLigaSportsTV

LaLigaSportsTV, an OTT (over-the-top) service announced LaLiga. It provides free coverage of live Spanish sporting competitions via mobile and connected devices.  The main motive of the company to give wide exposure to Spanish Sport by telecasting the matches internationally via a catch-up service.

Furthermore, the company also wants to support the expansion of audio-visual offerings for sports those are not receiving the popularity and coverage through conventional media channels with a limited fan following.

To enhance the experience of the sports lovers, the LaLigaSportsTV said, they have tried to make the interface of their app simple and easy to understand with native applications, cloud-based HD content and power to customize both live and on-demand services. The app is available for Smartphones and Tablets.

The users can watch their favourite Spanish Sport via LaLigaSport TV OTT service on demand once the live broadcast of the same has ended. The LaLigaSportsTV app is available in eight languages (English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russia and Indonesian) while the smart TV service can be accessed in English and Spanish.

LaLiga is the first major European league to roll out its own OTT service and offer fans a platform for niche sports. LaLigaSportsTV will now be promoted through an advertising campaign with the message ‘Cuando te miran, lo das todo’ (When you’re being watched, you give your all), conveying that greater numbers of spectators have a direct impact on an athlete’s performance levels.

LaLigaSportsTV OTT (over-the-top) service

Other information about LaLigaSportsTV :

Through which devices can LaLigaSportsTV be viewed?

  • iOS and Android apps for mobiles and tablets
  • Samsung Smart TV
  • Screen mirroring (Chromecast, Apple TV, Samsung)
  • Other devices to be launched in the near future (web)


What does LaLigaSportsTV cost?

All LaLigaSportsTV content can be accessed for free, apart from the LaLiga 1|2|3 content, which involves a subscription only available for Spain.

Are LaLiga Santander and LaLiga 1|2|3 match broadcasts available via LaLigaSportsTV?

LaLiga Santander matches are not broadcast via LaLigaSports TV, whilst other content, including the highlights of every fixture and the pre- and post-match interviews, is available. Live LaLiga 1|2|3 match broadcasts are available through a subscription.

Which sports will LaLigaSportsTV users have access to?

LaLigaSportsTV will broadcast content relating to virtually all sports represented by the Spanish sporting federations.

The following dedicated channels will be available:

  • American football
  • Badminton
  • Basketball (LEB Oro)
  • Boxing
  • Canoeing
  • Futsal (LNFS)
  • Gymnastics
  • Handball (Liga ASOBAL)
  • Hockey
  • LaLiga Santander (summaries and reports)
  • LaLiga 1l2l3 TV
  • Liga Iberdrola women’s football (summaries and reports)
  • Motor racing
  • Snooker
  • Superbike
  • Table tennis
  • Triathlon
  • Virtual LaLiga eSports
  • Water polo
  • Weightlifting
  • Basque pelota (available in the coming days)
  • Cycling (available in the coming days)
  • Fencing (available from early May)
  • Mountain climbing (available from the first week of April)
  • Pétanque (available from the first week of April)
  • Sailing (available from the first week of April)

The remaining sports that do not have a dedicated channel will be offered coverage via a general channel called LaLigaSports.

What features does LaLigaSportsTV offer?

In the design of the LaLigaSportsTV product, particular attention was paid to usability and the user experience with a view to facilitating navigation and access to user content.

The homepage is the main search tool. Access to all of the product content is available via the homepage, which is divided into three main sections (displayed in content rows):

  • Live content: This represents the main and most prominent content available via the OTT service. It takes centre stage on the homepage and the various live broadcasts are listed in chronological order, with the most imminent listed first.
  • Recommended for you: in this section, LaLigaSportsTV offers users to video content suggestions based on their preferences.

The recommendation is currently based on the sports and favourite teams selected by the user.

In the near future, the idea is for the algorithm to identify user tastes and preferences in order to be able to offer the content which is of greatest interest at all times. Business intelligence and analytics are key elements within this project, given the huge amount of content and the great number of user typologies and tastes. Helping our users to find and consume content in a quick, easy and successful manner at all times is central to the LaLigaSportsTV experience.

  • Sport-specific channels: through a cascading menu and by using the infinite scrolling technique, a series of sport-specific rows appear as users move the cursor down with their remote control. Once again, in the future, the order in which the sports appear will be based on individual user preferences.
  •  Special features: using the platform control tool, the LaLigaSportsTV administrators will be able to create and remove feature sections. For example, they will be able to create a section featuring the week’s most-watched videos or a section devoted to a particular tournament.
  • Channels: this section allows users to gain easy access to the various sport-specific channels.
  • Search tool: enables users to find content related to their favourite teams and sports by using keywords.
  • Other features: the platform also contains other features, such as the option to save videos in favourites, share content with friends via social media or messaging services, configure push notifications so that the platform notifies the user whenever a particular live broadcast is set to begin.

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