Latest News about the Rainbow Six Siege’s Leaked Void Edge Ops

As we know Rainbow Six Siege has already announced this year’s first update on their Rainbow Six Siege game called Operation Void Edge, and now there are leaks looming about who the first two operators will be.

The news about the new upcoming update has been confirmed by the developers officially and the update is titled Operation Void Edge, and a through a Reddit post the leaked information came in front regarding the two new operators (characters) within it. This is the 5th year running for this phenomenal game and the Operation Void Edge is going to be the first update for this game in the 5th year. Most interesting thing is that the developers are about to introduce six new characters/operators throughout this year, and these two characters are going to be the first two of them. The fifth-year for Rainbow Six Siege falls on 16th Feb 2020 so the update will go live after that one can easily assume.

The News according to leaks

There have been many other leaks before since the last year and most of them proved to be fake rumours. Most of the players are very much excited and anxious about the new upcoming characters, as both, the characters are reportedly going to change the way how the game is being played right now. Both the upcoming characters will introduce brand new abilities to Rainbow Six Siege gameplay, the new abilities are not only going to shake the gameplay but also going to change the basic gameplay approaches in the game.

According to the leaks, there would be a male character named Oryx, who is reportedly a heavy attacker and he will be able to charge through the soft walls and stun the enemies in his path. The other character is reportedly a female named Yana. Yana would possess the ability of a faster attacker along with the special capability of controlling a hologram projection instrument which can be used to deceive the enemies. There are also other leaks are looming related to the Map bans and the character reworks as well.

The Source of the Leaked News

A Reddit user named /u/UbimanCZSK (via Windows Central) has posted a leaked artwork from the upcoming update which you can see below, where you can see two new characters with their partial looks. Theses leaks are being taken seriously as the image in this picture aligns side by side with what other previous leaks we confronted on this matter with the same names Oryx and Yana. Even the abilities are getting confirmed with this single pic as you can see that the male character is in a ducked and charging pose as he is breaking through some kind of material. While you can notice that the female character is surrounded by electronic circuitry and a gadget in her hand with a sci-fi kind of looks.

rainbow six siege game

The 5th year has proven to be peculiar and different from previous years and previous seasons. As till date at every season Rainbow Six Siege has added in total eight new characters or operators. Also each season the season pass buyers provided with 600 credits for in-game shopping. But from the latest update, the players will have two fewer operators to choose from and also very surprisingly they will not receive any credits for free for shopping even after they buy the season pass. Most of the fans are very upset over the offers they are about to get even after spending the same amount of money. Though the developers are about to introduce another battle pass which would unlock various cosmetic items worth of 1200 credits.

Though at the launch Rainbow Six Siege got a good reception, with passing years the Rainbow Six Siege got mixed reviews and critical responses from many of the players. Many of the players were quite upset about the pushing of monetization within the game. But, still, there are lots of players who do enjoy playing this game, but a huge market for this game have been captured by Fortnite and PUBG players, so it is worth trying something new fro the developers to get more business in this year. If the player count keeps decreasing like it is right now, then the future for the Rainbow Six Franchises is about to be over soon.