Light Source Communications and John Laing Group Team-Up to Develop a Dark Fiber Route in North Carolina and Tennessee

Light Source Communications, a dark fiber provider of communications infrastructure in the U.S., along with John Laing Group plc, the international originator, active investor and manager of infrastructure projects, have announced together, they have teamed to progress the evaluation of a new long-haul dark fiber route in North Carolina and Tennessee. Development has begun on the 438-mile route, which connects Charlotte, North Carolina, and Nashville, Tennessee helping customers increase security, speed, connectivity, network efficiency, and scalability.

Construction on the new route will take twenty-four months and is expected to be completed in 2021. The route will include seven neutral colocation sites to provide space and power. Following completion, Light Source Communications (LSC), a competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC), will have completed long-haul dark fiber routes in Iowa, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and North Carolina. The route enables unlimited high-quality bandwidth and communication infrastructure services with dedicated high-capacity, low-latency dark fiber optic cable for customers with critical applications and data centers in these markets. The network will be underground, contain multiple conduits, and will be diverse from other existing routes.

“Alongside our esteemed partner, John Laing Group, we look forward to allowing businesses, the opportunity to own and operate their own high-performance fiber-optic network providing autonomy, speed, scalability and the cyber-security they need,” says Light Source Communications CEO, Debra Freitas.

“This is an exciting partnership opportunity and aligns closely with our focus on projects that are going to make a real difference for businesses and communities. We look forward to working closely with Light Source to progress the evaluation of this much-needed infrastructure,” said Anthony Phillips, Regional Managing Director for John Laing.

The security and scalability of a privately-owned dark fiber optical network is the answer to the limited, unsecured bandwidth issues businesses face today. LSC leverages a fully dedicated, private physical network infrastructure providing businesses with the security they need. Reducing latency, the time delay in the transmission of data, has also become a mandate for companies that want to remain competitive, with demands increasing among end users for faster access to data and content. LSC provides the capacity for cost-effective-scaling, uninterrupted connectivity, maintenance-free and state-of-the-art dark fiber networks that affords businesses with unlimited capacity. LSC offers 24/7/365 network maintenance with precedent-setting response times creating a “worry free” network.