The latest OnePlus software updates for older devices, just before the OnePlus 6 launch

The new OnePlus 6 is all set to launch with all its glory on 16th May, globally and 17th May (India). But there is some news. Just before the launch, OnePlus rolled out a new update for the older brothers. Yes, the updates are meant for OnePlus 3, 3T, 5 and 5T users. It is not a major update, but better than an update with only bug fixes. Yes, bug fixes are there in the update. But there are a number of new features in the update. Though the update is not yet public. It is available only for the Beta users. The Beta users are also requested to back up their data before installing the update. That is acceptable. It is great, OnePlus is still giving updates to the old devices, when they are all set to launch something new. Old bottle is not in a new wine, at least for OnePlus.

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Let’s now find out the features, which you can get after the update.

  • After the new update, the users can get group MMS feature in the ‘Messages’ app. Though, MMS is not used by every Tom, Dick, and Harry. But you can’t deny it is a useful update.
  • The users can now edit the icons of different apps like Calendar, Clock, and The users can even get a toolbox like a card, once the app drawer hides.
  • Last but not the least, is the improvement of the ‘OnePlus Switch’ feature. The tool is helpful if the users switch to a new OnePlus device from an old one.

The features and the improvements mentioned above are observable to the users. There must be some improvements in stability. Though such improvements are not observable right now. But they will be.

Are you a OnePlus user, and got the updates. Let me know your opinion about the update in the comment section down below.