Upcoming Graphics Card to look for in 2019

While talking about Graphics card of a computer, remember it is not just for show off in there, the performance is the key factor. As there are many people with latest PC configuration, who think having a tons of GB in their VRAM make their computer immune to all software requirements needs for 10 years, while this is not true.

On other hand buying the latest and costliest graphics card available in the market is not always the answer for all graphics performance needs. If you are not ready to pay for the costliest you can go for the medium ranged or even low ranged Graphics card for decent reasonable price. Like if we take the example of late 2017 or mid 2018 the best graphics card solution could have been Nvidia 1080 11GB edition or the AMD RX 580 for best performance but these graphics card can cost very high.

The problem arises for many people who can afford the best and costliest graphics card is that after a year or two these graphics card start performing at average level where all other available medium ranged graphics cards are performing at the same level. The people with the fascination who wants the best equipment for themselves and do not want to be deprived after couple of months or a year after buying the graphics card, should always search for and go for the next gen product which is not mainstream yet. In this article we are going talk about some upcoming products which are going to be in mainstream after another coming year, and then also those products are going to be the best in the market for quite a time.

Nvidia Volta Graphics Card

Nvidia Volta Graphics Card

There was a noise going on for last couple of months that Nvidia is going to release a new GPU architecture know as Turing GPU architecture. But the thing is Nvidia has confirmed and launched the first version of their next gen GPU called Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti which has 11GB GDDR6 VRAM included. This monster GPU do cost very high but the potential is really out of the box, may be the best GPU of the world right now. Updated version of the same is about to launch very soon. You can see the hardware specification in the Nvidia’s official page for this GPU.

But while talking about the best Graphics output from the next gen GPUs the best hope of ours is the Nvidia Volta graphics technology. Though as of right now VOLTA Silicon is only being used in pro-level machines. But, there is also an announcement about the real-time ray tracing hitting PC games by the end of 2018 and for that the RTX technology has been packed up with latest drivers. But for the best performance in the new real-time ray tracing graphics era we are going to need GPU with Volta tech inside them.

For those who do not know yet, that Volta is the silicon successor to the Pascal generation of Graphics cards, Pascal generation already gave us some marvelous products like GTX 1080 Ti and Titan XP GPU.

So, now the question arises that can VOLTA tech will be able to keep up with the legacy of the last generation from Nvidia and will it have enough boost to take it up more-higher level of performance.

  • Release Date

Though the research phase is about to be over the production phase also going to need some time. According to the resources as well speculation it will be released in the market at around July-August 2020. So investing for a costly graphics card at this point can be risky as you have barely 1.5 years of time, after which the entire gen of the GPU will change and that moment you may feel bad as you have the costliest but outdated GPU. 

  • Specs which you can expect

It will be using professional-class Volta – the Tesla V100 – uses TSMC’s 12 nm FinFET design, it will also have 5,376 CUDA cores. Now just imagine you are starting with this GPU architecture loaded into a GTX 2080 Ti board, fancy and powerful isn’t it?

  • Expected Price

As it is going to be entirely a new production the price is going to high of course. At the initial stage the architecture will only be used in the high-end products only; so expect a pretty high price for it. It will cost you around $750 – $1000 for sure. Not beyond this slab….

  • Volta Performance boost expectation

Though the production and testing barely began, but we can expect greater efficiency, better FPS delivery, DX12 and Vulkan API support and many more.

AMD Navi Graphics card

AMD Navi Graphics card

Now while we shift our focus to AMD, we do it for the price to performance value as well as to go with the other brand to explore. We all know that AMD recently has launched VEGA architecture and cards, very few know that VEGA is not a next gen product. Vega is mainly made to make APU model CPU, which will consist of internal GPU modulation inside a CPU. This product is very useful for laptops and also desktop made for low price without a dedicated GPU. VEGA based Graphics cards gave a hard run to the GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 for the low price but almost same performance. But it is now a time again to evolve, especially when the main rival company is working on a next gen product. There are very few graphics card available in the market which are using VEGA architecture, while AMD is still producing their Polaris architecture-based Graphics cards like RX 560, 570, 580 etc.

  • Notion about the AMD Navi

Rumors and History of AMD says that AMD Navi probably won’t be materializing into high-end graphics card immediately after release, instead that option will be saved in hand for much later, according to a leaked report. What this implies that gamers will have to wait a more before they can get their hands on the next-gen high-end cards from AMD.

The delay of AMD Navi release could be because AMD is changing its approach to GPU catering for PC only strategy, while the other custom GPU designs from corporations like Sony and Apple are almost ready to be launched. This also proves another rumor that AMD Navi is going to be designed for and with the Xbox Two and PS5 in mind.

  • Expected release date

There is an official proof that Navi will be launch anytime soon is a statement from AMD itself, titled “Expanding our High-Performance Leadership with Focused 7nm Development.” In that statement it also been said that they are going to Launch the 7nm GPU by the start of 2019 and they are also planning on launching a new CPU line based on the same tech of 7nm, and it will be launching on the late 2019. All the information is from the statement of Mark Papermaster, Chief Technology officer of AMD.

  • Expected price

As we have seen in the last decade, AMD has essentially built a name for itself in the GPU market as the budget king. While Nvidia is also getting ready to release its next-gen of Turing RTX graphics cards which will cost around $1000, AMD will probably simply double down on their products – just like they did it when they released Ryzen and Ryzen Threadripper to counter Intel CPU.

Though the exact pricing cannot be confirmed, but it can be said that it will follow the trend of the price of the RX 550-580 series. AMD RX 550 costs around $120 while RX 580 costs around $300, so in this case the price of the new-gen GPU from AMD will vary from $200 – $600, and for sure this time also it will be cheaper than its Nvidia counterparts.

  • Specification and performance

For sure it is going to be running on a 7nm processor. It also going to have GDDR6 VRAM,  and become the AMD’s first mainstream architecture which will be breaking the trend of their GCN architecture. Of course, faster FPS, better light and reflection handling, higher numbers of cores will be there. If talking or thinking about the Xbox two or PS5 compatible GPU chipsets, in that case no information is available yet.

So, at the beginning we are not going to see the high-end graphics cards of next generation AMD graphics cards, while we may find models like RX 600 which will be equivalent to Nvidia GTX 1080 in case of performance and support. While in comparison of price AMD RX 600 will be much-much lower in price with same effectivity and performance and the rivals or equivalents of Nvidia 2080 TI using Volta Architecture will be released later to grab on the market.


This is not the right time to get a costly graphics card as the market is volatile and some huge upgrades are coming, so wait a little bit then look for the latest products and go as your preference. For information and news about the upcoming CPU and GPU go through stay tuned and our other articles.

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